5 beautiful modern bedroom interior design trends in 2021

Minh Hoàng
May 19, 2021

The bedroom is a private resting space, so it should be designed appropriately to create a sense of relaxation, help the owner have a deep sleep, and ensure good health. Besides, the design of beautiful bedroom furniture is also an important factor to help bring many positive emotions.

5 beautiful modern bedroom interior design trends in 2021


– The trend of modern bedroom interior design has never been “hot” and is expected to continue to cause fever in 2021. You can use this style for any space from a large area to a large area. small area. This is also the most commonly used style in the field of furniture because it suits many people’s preferences.

Bedroom interior design in modern style is still the leading trend

– With modern style, simple and youthful design furniture. Colors are also very diverse.

– For small bedrooms, modern furniture helps to keep the space tidy, and the functions are optimized easily, so that the room is airy. For the large bedroom, you can arrange many functions in the room with a modern style, for example, in addition to the bed, the wardrobe, you can arrange more chalkboards, desks, TV shelves, … the rooms. Spacious bedroom can also arrange more reading corner, changing area, …


– The neoclassical style bedroom meets the most chosen “luxury” needs in the interior design of villas and high-class apartments. In a neoclassical bedroom, besides luxury and art, functions are often fully arranged to meet the needs of comfortable and classy living.

Neoclassical style in bedroom interior design is equally hot

– With a neoclassical style, the bed and wardrobe are usually white, mixed with a little metallic. This color often brings luxury, high class. Besides, some other furniture with opposite tones will be the highlight for the room. Designed with soft, luxurious lines.

– Although this beautiful bedroom style is inherited from the classic quintessence, it can hold back the frills and complexity. All have created an impressive space, proud and gentle beauty.


– As a new breeze for living space, Vintage style bedrooms are increasingly being loved by households. The harmonious blend of furniture and colors comes with a little break, Vintage interior style has contributed significantly to creating a unique and impressive space that never goes out of style or out of date. Queen.

– Luong is one of the most beautiful bedroom models in the world, vintage-style bedrooms always bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to the owner. Vintage style is too sophisticatedly designed and decorated but gives people a different look.

Thiết kế nội thất phòng ngủ theo phong cách Vintage đang là trào lưu

– Use simple, classic textured traditional items to apply this unique style. Don’t forget to use picture frames, potted plants, wallpaper, window curtains. Or a chandelier of warm colors to get a classic bedroom space for you.


– Simple in design, delicate in feel and comfortable in use, Scandinavian style is an extremely interesting suggestion for you if you do not have an interior decoration idea for your bedroom.

– Your bedroom, whether it is small or spacious, does not affect much when you choose to decorate in Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style bedroom will definitely bring you a feeling of relaxation, comfort and impressive for you to rest and recharge after hard working hours.

Scandinavian style bedroom is an interesting idea

– The main color of this style is the cold color with full light, giving you a miniature Nordic sky. To be able to bring harmony to the overall, the furniture samples are also made in modern European style. All promise to bring you the most modern. It’s great after a tiring day at work. You can rest in this space.


– In a developed society, people pay more attention and care to their appearance. One of those specific manifestations is the blossoming of the fashion industry. And to meet that need, fashionistas are willing to spend a small space in their bedroom to design a dressing room.

– This is a design trend that many homeowners choose, especially for fashion lovers. They are willing to spend a room to design a dressing room in the house as luxurious as hollywood stars.

The design of the dressing room in the bedroom is a design trend chosen by many homeowners

The design and arrangement of furniture in the bedroom requires ingenuity. If you are wondering how to design your bedroom, then come to TC Home Vietnam. We will bring you the best option for your home.

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