5 The secret of organizing an effective real estate project sale event

Minh Hoàng
April 12, 2021

Why should invest in organizing events to open and sell real estate projects?

– Real estate project opening ceremony is an event held to introduce the project of apartments, townhouses, land, … to the customers of the business, kicking off the sales phase of the project. This is an opportunity for businesses to provide information about the project to potential customers, thereby promoting sales.

– The event of the real estate project sale opening ceremony, if organized by investment, will create favorable conditions for customers to book schedules and reserve products right in the event. At the same time, new organizational ideas also create outstanding communication efficiency, helping products to be widely advertised on mass media.

Organizing projects to open and sell projects so that they are effective?

1. The idea of ​​a new and unique opening ceremony

– Communication ideas for the project sale event is extremely important, greatly impacting the effectiveness of the event. It is necessary to rely on the outstanding features of the project to create new, daring event ideas that will keep customers attending to constantly admire your program. Especially in the current era of online streaming, this will be even more effective when widely shared on social networks.

– A good idea not only meets novel factors, but also must be consistent with the current project. For example, in a real estate project run by Realty in Vietnam, the design element of the entire Spanish-style project was chosen as the core to develop the idea. Create a new and modern event, filled with inspiration from Spanish culture.

2. Effective project communication open sale

– The opening ceremony should be communicated throughout with a consistent message in all three phases: before, during and after the event. Enterprises should make the most of communication channels both offline and online to get the best results. Each communication channel has its own strengths. Therefore, businesses need to have a way to coordinate and use these channels to reach and interact with target customers.

3. Promoting registration, booking right in the event

– This is one of the top goals of businesses when holding the opening ceremony. The number of visitors to register, book is the top criterion to evaluate the success of a real estate project launch event. To do that, it takes both organizational experience and creativity in creating the situations that drive purchases.

– Taking advantage of psychological effects will significantly increase sales efficiency during the event. For example, in events organized by the Realty in Vietnam, the crowd effect is always maximized. By helping clients understand the potential value of a project along with continually announcing buyers, it creates excitement and makes it easier to make decisions.

4. Impressive and attractive event identification design

– Event identity design plays an important role in the organization process. An eye-catching and attractive event identifier will create a good first impression in the customer’s mind. Especially communication channels. Using images is considered one of the most effective ways of conveying messages, a conduit for curiosity and excitement when researching project information.

5. Prepare gifts for guests attending the sale event

– One of the other factors promoting the success of the real estate project opening ceremony is the gift for the guests attending. Tailor-made gifts are not only a magnet to attract customers to attend events, but also help increase the brand’s current events anytime, anywhere. Some event gifts are often selected such as helmets, raincoats, rechargeable batteries with project logos, …

– Besides, for customers with buying needs. Gift and incentive programs designed specifically for the event will motivate customers to register and book at the opening event of the business.

Note when choosing an event company to hold the opening ceremony of the project

– Real estate project opening ceremony plays an important role in communication and sales of any business. Therefore, it should be prepared in a methodical and detailed way and usually done by the event organization company. Organizing an opening ceremony through an event agency not only saves costs and resources, but also helps maximize sales efficiency through the experience and know-how of each unit’s own organization. – However, not all event companies are capable of organizing an effective project sale event. Since this is a very specific type of event, professional organization experience as well as an understanding of the profession and customer psychology are required to design effective closing points. Realty in Vietnam with many years of experience in communication and real estate events, will be the optimal choice for you. Interested businesses please contact hotline 0903.668.010 for advice and support.

source: THÀNH CÔNG
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