Ba Ria city real estate was active at the end of the year

Minh Hoàng
April 26, 2021

(VLR) Ba Ria City is gradually asserting its position in the real estate sector thanks to the outstanding development of infrastructure as well as the economy. By the end of 2018, the real estate market in Ba Ria became more bustling when attracting more investment from the “giants” in the industry.

Ba Ria city real estate was active at the end of the year

Many investors accelerated their attack on the real estate market in Ba Ria

– About a year ago, when Ba Ria had not become the focus of real estate investors, many people could easily own 100m2 of land with only 150-200 million. But since the beginning of 2018, Ba Ria real estate has turned to a new page with a marked change in land prices. Many localities in the province have owned land prices up to 20% – 30% or even 50%.

– Specifically, according to a survey of Dan Tri Vietnam newspaper, Long Dien area from 6-12 million / m2 increased to 8-17.5 million / m2 of land. The land price in the center of Phu My town increases from 5-7 million / m2 to 9-12 million / m2. Notably, the central area of ​​Ba Ria city, especially the roads with beautiful locations, easy to connect with traffic, the price has increased sharply from 40 – 60 million / m2 to 55 – 68 million / m2. And in the future, the land price level in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province (BR-VT) will continue to grow strongly.

– Understand the potential in the city. Ba Ria, many investors have accelerated their attack on the real estate market here such as Vingroup, Dong Nhan Corp, Vincomreal, … Proof of the existence of a series of resort projects, apartments, land. background and selling price also increased over time. Typically, the Ba Ria GoldCity project, in the starting stage of only 6.5 million / m2, has now increased to 7.5 million / m2, the Dong Nhan Village project initially offered for sale price from 8.5 to 11 million / m2 and until now The current point has increased to 13 million / m2, Ba Ria CityGate project also increased from 7 million to 12 million / m2.

– Besides, new residential projects are also being favorably promoted by the People’s Committee of BR-VT province. Recently, the residential project in front of QL51 is about to be announced in early 2019. The project is located at the gateway to the city. Ba Ria has great commercial potential. Therefore, although it has not been officially announced, the project has received a lot of attention from investors as well as those wishing to buy in.

Why does the real estate market in Ba Ria flourish?

– Currently, the People’s Committee of BR-VT province has been cooperating with departments, agencies to allocate and complete the proposed plans to reach the target of becoming a class I city before 2025. Specifically , the infrastructure system is gradually being completed with the Ben Luc – Long Thanh expressway connecting directly to the western provinces, the Bien Hoa – Vung Tau expressway and NH 51 are also expanded to 6 lanes. help people to easily circulate. At the same time, the Bien Hoa – Vung Tau railway and the Loc An airport project are also focused on deploying.

– BR-VT province also boasts a 305km coastline along with beautiful beaches and industrial development elements. Therefore, this place is considered as a province that can develop industry and tourism in the Southeast.

Ba Ria – Vung Tau province owns a long coastline with beautiful beaches

– In addition, BR-VT is also strategically located at the gateway to the East Sea, in the southern key economic quadrilateral region, adjacent to the city. HCM City. By 2020, BR-VT is expected to become a major “port city” in the country together with Hai Phong, a logistics center, an important industrial center of the country. And based on the official information source of Ba Ria Vung Tau newspaper, the future GDP per capita will reach 27,000 USD / year, equivalent to the income of developing countries.

– With a clear plan and a rapid development rate, the province of BR-VT in general and the city. Ba Ria in particular has proved her potential. Therefore, the real estate market in Ba Ria has not stopped attracting large investors to flock to the end of this year.

Source: VnEconomy

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