Decorative lights bring vitality to the house

Minh Hoàng
May 12, 2021

Dangbannhadat – At the end of the year, every family focuses on cleaning and redecorating their homes to celebrate Tet. One of the first things to consider is to re-check the home lighting system.

– Lighting plays an important role in home decoration. At night, lights help brighten the spaces. In addition to enhancing the light, if the homeowner knows the layout of the lights appropriately, it can improve feng-shui and increase the vitality of the house.

Lighting is to bring energy to the house.

– The role of lights is to bring energy to the house. The most important rule when lighting is to avoid the formation of overcast areas. Therefore, homeowners should not use a single central power source, but must combine multiple power sources.

– For best results, try to use an angle of light that can be adjusted. Based on the color of the space of the house to choose bulbs with many suitable lighting adjustments.

How to hang feng shui lights in space

– Lamp in the bedroom: For this space, you need to avoid hanging lights above the top of the bed to cause pressure while sleeping. And do not hang lights with odd shapes that make the atmosphere here heavy.
Dining room lights: This is a space where your family gather and reunite after a long day of work, so you need to hang a light in the center of the dining room to increase the connection between members.

Lights need to hang in the center of the dining room.

– Lighting for the office: In this space, you should arrange light with a large intensity to provide adequate light, helping you focus on working. The number of lights to light up is 2 to 4 bulbs with light yellow or light white color to bring the weapon to the office.

– Lights for the living room: To enhance the vitality of the living room space, you should install light with a light yellow color, to increase the luxury of the space. You should not choose colorful lights that clutter the space.

Minh road must be bright

– The area in front of the main door or the common space in front of the living room is called a vault. This is the gathering place of the spirit of the house. To help improve the home and family prosperity, homeowners should install indicator lights in this position.

Should install bright lights in the right place.

– My school posted
Minh posted school implied that the light never goes out. In interior lighting layout, homeowners should install Minh Dang school, which lights up both day and night.

– During the night, the energy of the house drops to its lowest. This light is both convenient for the family to travel and an additional source of energy for the house. In addition to keeping the energy of the house at a certain level, Minh Dang school also works to maintain the house’s vitality.


– As mentioned above, the kitchen and the study room are two areas that need increased illumination, which can be turned on during the day. Other spaces should be limited to use because turning on the lights during the day can easily cause a feeling of pressure for family members.

– Therefore, when using daylight, homeowners should use soft white light to achieve warm effects for the house. Along with that, the walls of the house should be painted in light colors to make the space brighter.

Number of lights

– In feng shui, each number has a certain meaning of destiny and fortune. Depending on each specific space, the homeowner will arrange the appropriate number of lights.

– When arranging the bulbs on a straight line, be careful not to use 3 aligned bulbs to avoid forming an adverse situation.

Complementary principle

– If there is a “dead corner” in the house, the light cannot reach this place, the homeowner can install the lamp in the corner to achieve the complementary effect.

– In the case of an indoors with impossible horizontal beams, it is also possible to install 2 bounce lights on the ceiling. The energy of this upward light will contribute to neutralizing the pressure of the cross beam.

Install decorative lights in all directions in the house

– According to feng shui, each direction will bring a different meaning to bring luck and fortune to the homeowner. If your career is not going well then you should hang the lights in the north. Wishing your family always healthy, you should hang the lights in the east. The southwest direction is usually for those who are having trouble in love. Northeast direction will help open career path and career path.

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