Everland Group pioneers international 5-6 star luxury resort real estate in Phu Yen

Minh Hoàng
April 22, 2021

Everland Group pioneered international 5-6 star luxury resort real estate in Phu Yen with two projects of Xuan Dai Bay tourism and resort complex and Crystal Holidays Marina Phu Yen.

– Phu Yen is a peaceful and fertile land favored by nature for a majestic, poetic beauty with many famous landscapes along the 189 km long coast. Recently, the tourism and service infrastructure has been completed, making the wild and lyrical beauty of the land “yellow flowers on green grass” awakened. The tourism potential here is like a raw gem that needs to be sharpened, so that Phu Yen tourism image will remain more impressive in the subconscious of tourists before the strong rise of localities such as Da Nang, Binh. Dinh, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Phu Quoc ….

– Phu Yen is not “inferior” in the speeding race, especially recently, the keyword “Phu Phu Yen tourism” has suddenly become “hotter” than ever when Everland Group announced the groundbreaking of two real estate projects. international 5-6 star luxury resort: Xuan Dai Bay tourism and resort complex and Crystal Holidays Marina Phu Yen resort tourism complex.

– Explore the “unique” tourism potentials
The process of geological tectonics and volcanic lava erupting from the seabed over millions of years has created the “unique” terrain, geomorphology and natural scenery for Phu Yen land with a series of lagoons. , bays, rocky rapids along the coast such as Xuan Dai Bay, Vung Ro bay, Vung Lam, Cu Mong lagoon, O Loan lagoon, Da Dia lagoon, Den Den, Mui Dien, Van Hoa plateau … Along with that is The unspoiled beaches and large and small islands lying on the ocean’s banks such as Bang beach, Bau beach, Nom beach, Thung beach, Tu Nham beach, Mai Nha islet, Ong Xa island, Nhat Tu Son, the island Yen, Pagoda, Nua …

hình ảnh du lịch Phú Yên
The “unique” geological structure creates an attractive landscape for tourists

– Not only beautiful nature, this place also has the imprint of talented and diligent hands of people through unique historical, architectural and religious works such as Lang Lang Church, Nhan Tower, White Stone Pagoda. , Thanh An Tho, Cau Ong Bridge, Tam Giang dam … In addition, there are many special festivals in Phu Yen such as Tam Giang River Festival, Cau Ngu Festival … It can be said that there are rare places on the land. S-shape converges many rich, diverse and unique tourism heritages and resources like in Phu Yen. Turn this land into an ideal place to deploy a variety of tourism products such as sea tourism, discovery tourism, experience tourism, cultural tourism, community tourism …

– Phu Yen also has a strategic trade position as it is located at the East-West gateway connecting the South Central Coast region with the Central Highlands region and is the focal point of land, sea and railway traffic routes. North South. Phu Yen currently has deep-water seaports with a capacity of 100,000 tons that can enter and exit, railway stations North – South and Tuy Hoa International Airport are being upgraded to a capacity of 5 million passengers / year. With the above strategic position, Phu Yen is a suitable place to develop tourism products “one journey – many destinations”, “one trip – many experiences” …

hình ảnh du lịch Phú Yên
The appearance of the luxury resort real estate project contributes to raising the position of Phu Yen on the world tourism map

– Mr. Ha Van Sieu – Deputy Director of the General Department of Tourism said that Phu Yen is an interesting journey when three adjacent provinces have airports and picturesque routes. This is also a rare locality when tourists go on a journey but can experience three destinations with moderate roads such as Nha Trang – Phu Yen – Quy Nhon or Nha Trang – Phu Yen – Ninh Thuan, even ending connecting both sea tourism – mountain and forest tourism when the expressway and Phu Yen – Tay Nguyen railway are being constructed.

– According to economic expert Tran Dinh Thien, as a locality with great potential for tourism, Phu Yen cannot be inferior to that but also becomes more attractive than other provinces if it knows how to effectively exploit natural resources. rich but still unspoiled. However, in order to create a “nudge” to raise the level of local tourism, Phu Yen must have a breakthrough in tourism infrastructure, especially high quality hotels and accommodation establishments. This locality needs to have more large-scale, 5-6 * internationally recognized tourist resorts of the area invested, managed and operated by large tourism corporations and brands.

– In addition, Phu Yen needs to focus on upgrading Tuy Hoa international airport to expand international routes, welcome more charter flights to bring tourists from abroad. Types of tourism services, commercial centers, shopping, performing arts, outdoor sports, beach sports … also need to be paid attention to invest to create an exciting atmosphere for resorts. schedule, stimulate spending and retain visitors. With the available tourism potentials, if you can do these things, Phu Yen tourism will boom, promising to become a key tourist destination for the whole Central region.

Change the appearance of Phu Yen tourism

– In recent years, large real estate groups at home and abroad are “landing” in Phu Yen with a series of large-scale real estate projects, synchronous and modern planning such as: Vingroup Group with the project. commercial center and townhouse project in Tuy Hoa city; APEC Group with the 5-star Condotel Apec Mandala Grand Phu Yen resort complex project with capital scale of more than 1,100 billion VND; TH True Milk Group with a golf course project, eco-villas, and resorts with a land use scale of more than 1,000 hectares …

– According to information from Everland Group, in the near future, this group will synchronously deploy two real estate projects, Xuan Dai Bay Resort Complex and Crystal Holidays Marina Phu Yen in the area of ​​Xuan Dai ward. , Song Cau town, Phu Yen province. These are two international standard 5-6 * resort tourism projects with a scale of 37ha, total investment capital of nearly VND 2,200 billion, located in the urban tourism and service population of more than 500 ha in the south of the town. Song Cau, Phu Yen province.

Overall perspective of two 5-6 * resort real estate projects in Song Cau town (Phu Yen)

– Located adjacent to National Highway 1A, section passing Song Cau Town, stretching along the mouth of Xuan Dai Bay and Ong Xa Islet, the Xuan Dai Bay project and the Crystal Holidays Marina Phu Yen project form a unique resort complex. Unique unique, consisting of complexes of hotels, villas on the mountain resort, on the beach and on the island (Ong Xa isle).

– The mountain complex with architectural ideas that simulate the traditional village of Asian fishermen, including sea-view resort villas nestled between ancient canopy trees and wavy paths. whole area. The focal point of the village is the stylized 5-star hotel building in the shape of a bird’s nest, symbolizing prosperity, success and faithfulness, and at the same time reminds visitors of a happy home when choosing a period. stay here.

hình ảnh du lịch Phú Yên
Perspective project Xuan Dai Bay announced by EverLand Group

– The beach complex includes a complex of resorts, shopping, and entertainment projects designed in Mediterranean architecture style combined with indigenous cultural elements, including clusters of villas facing the sea, villas lakeside villas are interspersed under coconut trees and tropical gardens. Featuring a 25-storey 5-star hotel, stylized the shape of the Peacock boat moored in Vung Lam, reminiscent of the story of the first official visit of the US diplomatic mission to Vietnam and the East. South Asia in 1832. This is also the tallest and only 5-star hotel in Song Cau with 500 rooms, 100% sea view, admiring all the national landscapes of Xuan Dai Bay and Vung Lam monuments.

– The island complex consists of 6-star standard resort villas designed in the Santorini style – characteristic of Mediterranean architecture. The buildings are built entirely on the natural topography of the rocky mountain, with terraces, round roof frames and beautiful arches with two main colors of blue and white, surrounded by paths and the promenade covered with flowers. In addition, within the project boundary, there are 5ha of water surface, with sea bungalows, marina and water sports area for tourists.

hình ảnh du lịch Phú Yên
Perspective island of Santorini with international class 6-star tourist population

– According to the representative of Everland Group, the progress of the two projects above is 36 months from the date of the decision on investment policy. The Group will focus all resources to implement the construction and complete the project on schedule. When the above projects are put into operation, they will provide nearly 1,000 international standard 5-6 star hotel rooms and nearly 200 high-quality resort villas with self-contained services and facilities to meet the demand. tourist demand is increasing rapidly, at the same time contributing to changing the tourism face of Song Cau town in particular and Phu Yen province in general.

– It is known that Everland Group is a corporation specializing in real estate investment, tourism and service. The Group is currently implementing a series of resort real estate projects in Van Don, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa … Crystal Holidays JSC (a member of Everland Group) specializes in tourism services, is a member of World Hotels organization and destination link system including more than 1,000 domestic 3-5 * hotels and more than 100,000 hotels and resorts globally.

– Everland Group has also signed a cooperation agreement with Centara Group – the group that owns the third largest chain of tourism customers in the world to manage, operate and promote Everland resorts. With this cooperation, Xuan Dai Bay Resort Complex and Crystal Holidays Marina Phu Yen will join the global destination link system and be widely advertised to all countries, thereby contributing to enhancing the image. and the position of Phu Yen tourism on the world tourism map.

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