House interior design and construction process for villas

Minh Hoàng
April 29, 2021

House interior design and construction process:

– Understanding the process of designing and constructing the interior of a villa house will help you avoid the risks of time and money. The following steps are drawn from practical experience to help you visualize the “big picture”.

Process of designing and constructing the interior of villa houses at EKE

– Currently, the need for interior decoration design is no longer a strange issue. However, every time you receive a house, just go to interior design units, interior construction, and then entrust them to them, but you have to find reputable furniture companies.

quy trình thiết kế và thi công nội thất

Detailed interior design and construction process

– Learning about “interior design and construction processes” of companies providing apartment, townhouses, villas … to help you avoid the risks of money. will never want it to happen to you even once.

– There are so many interior design companies on the market today that make you a headache to find a reputable interior design company. Just go to the search engines INTERIOR DESIGN, less than 1 second there will be more than a million results returned, making you not know where to measure.

In this article, I will guide you through the following processes:

– What is an interior design profile?
Documentation of interior design and construction of houses includes what
Construction process of house interior (apartment, villa, townhouse)
1.1 What is an interior design profile?
Lots of free design units. However, it is necessary to consider what the design documentation includes. If they just give you a few 3D perspective blueprints, but Failure to hand over the complete engineering file, then you won’t do much with the perspective drawings in hand (unless this clause is already pre-agreed).

– To ensure transparency and clarity, you should ask the “interior design unit” to list the design items that will be received on the file. Avoid falling into the pitfalls of free design.

1.2 Interior design process:

– Design quote based on the ground plan (if any) or design area provided.
Unified. Designing orders. Customers deposit% depending on the value of the order
Current status survey
Synthesize, analyze, evaluate. Get customer comments
Up concept & layout of function diagrams
Confirm layout & Concepts
Design 3D scene to simulate virtual reality
Edit if available. Confirm the final interior layout plan
List price quotes estimating all items by design
Development of Technical Profile & Permission Profile
Check and quote the exact construction cost according to the available technical documents.
Handing over A3 documents and soft files via email for archiving

  1. What does interior design documents include?
    – 3D drawing is important for customers because they envision the interior of the future home
    With construction unit. Technical records decide all. Not to mention that you need to submit technical documents to the management board to apply for a building permit, interior construction.
    The following are the stages of an interior design profile. Let’s see how it is!

2.1. Layout plan
– The first stage after the two sides meet and come to a design contract is to survey the current state of the project, get opinions (needs, requirements, preferences, etc.). interior layout plan. This diagram shows functional lines of use, transportation, and division of rooms to suit the needs of each family member.

– This requires optimal use from the beginning, for small apartment apartments. If you take advantage of the equipment in the interior, immediately provide kts at this stage. Let them arrange them in the right positions. Or there are plans to renovate to suit the overall design. Avoid patchy, asynchronous. Causing loss of aesthetics.

Current situation:

quy trinh thiet ke va thi cong noi that nha o
Site status before interior design

The plan has been designed for the interior layout:

quy trinh thiet ke va thi cong noi that nha o can ho chung cu
Layout of the apartment building after designing the interior layout

– While dividing the space, interior architects have already envisioned concepts that will apply to interior spaces. Concepts the idea is to find common ground between the designer and the owner. It will be presented like this:

concept thiet ke noi that nha o can ho biet thu

– What is Concepts in interior design?
Concepts is the original idea. The original idea presented is just a suggestion, in order to find the harmony between the kts and the host. It is not 100% certain that those ideas will be appropriate when designing 3D, realistic simulations. Architects will consider, add or remove the most appropriate, feasible, as well as the most cost-effective for you.

– With modern design software, kts can design realistic 3D models so that you can easily visualize everything in the interior of your house. From drawing concepts above, you will get an original interior design using a 3D perspective like this:

quy trinh thiet ke noi that bep

– For coarse houses or apartments, the kts will easily divide the space in a more active way. For completed apartment handover apartments, the division of interior space is limited, because it depends on the walls built, on the structure of the building, and the permission of the management board.

– For apartment buildings, if the dam is renovated with new intentions, it will cost money (the category of dams to renovate cannot touch the general architecture of the building or project and technical issues such as newspapers). fire, fireproof door …).

– Next. After agreeing on the interior layout drawing, within 1 week (or longer depending on the workload and project size) You will receive a 3D design that simulates the interior of a future home.

quy trinh thiet ke va thi cong noi that can ho
The process of implementing an architectural and interior design perspective using 3D software
Quy trinh thiet ke va thicong noi that nha o

– 3D blueprints will show the color and shape of the living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen. Interior design for ceiling, floor, wall, wall, paving, etc., from here, you can continue to consult and edit to suit your needs and preferences.

– Of course experienced kts will come up with a solution that is reasonable and cost-effective for you. And what you say kts also do as you want, you have to review their design capacity or that unit.

2.3. Technical deployment profile

– Technical design is an indispensable important stage in the process of interior design and construction

– After the 3D drawing has been agreed and confirmed by the two sides, the final plan will only proceed to the implementation stage of interior construction techniques. Avoid one-sided 3D design, one-way engineering development, resulting in design profiles that don’t match. Construction will be wrong. Wrong computer drawings are not of much risk. Exterior construction actually goes a mile a mile. It’s not money, but… it costs a lot of money.

– What does a sample technical development document of “interior design of an apartment building” include?
Design layout of the function diagram
Profile applying for construction permit submitted to project management
Principle diagram of the socket switch electric light
Development of cladding, finishing the raw part (if any) and material specifications
Deploying ceilings, walls, wall cladding, furniture, specifications, structural details
Depending on the work volume, the number of drawings can be added or removed. However the most basic are the items listed above. You need to know it to check when working with interior design service providers.

2.4. List of interior construction reports according to each designed item:
– Stating all the items corresponding to the interior design is a mandatory process. So that you can see the total loss that you can invest. The interior construction unit price of each company can be high or low depending on the brand and the service they provide you.

– An interior construction quote must have the following components:
Materials and labor for finishing the raw part (tile, paint, floor, ceiling, etc.)
Sanitary equipment
Kitchen equipment, accessories, kitchen accessories (hinges, rails, lifters, stone surfaces, glass surfaces, etc.)
Electric lamps, refrigeration, lighting
Decorative accessories, decor (pictures, bottles, bottles …)
Curtains, wallpapers of all kinds
Items purchased according to catalog (imported goods, or purchased according to the investor’s request)
Quotation for construction of furniture – furniture – tables, chairs, cabinets, beds …)
There are also items that the host prepares (if any).
All the above steps are combined into a complete profile. Packaged with soft files emailed or CD for your storage. At the same time, it is printed with A3 for delivery to you. End of interior design profile. Acceptance and liquidation of design contract.

Interior construction
Once you have in hand a very complete interior design file. The next job you need to do is consult the interior construction price to match the quality and service of each unit. Even called bidding etc … then came to a second contract – Interior construction, without fear of missing documents, incurring costs.

– It should also be added that:
Prestigious interior designers or interior designers often have good prices or good services for you. They know what each item the market has to offer, or how to make that product and take full responsibility for the volume of interior design and maintenance.
– The products you buy are usually cheaper, but the downside is that it doesn’t really fit the size of your home. Durability is usually not high. The prices are cheaper simply because the products are already in-line and mass-produced. Just… the press of a button produces thousands of the same ones to supply the market.
– Interior construction unit products usually have a higher price. Because of the characteristic “measuring ni shoe making”. Maybe they only made it for you once. There will be no second time. And the construction process of a product must undergo “testing” many times if it is highly complex.

  1. Construction process of interior housing
    – When conducting the construction, you need to pay attention to thoroughly learn the interior construction experience to anticipate the situations that happen, or at least be able to know and control the working process of the construction unit, thereby ask them to provide necessary information before proceeding with their interior construction.

3.1 Summary of interior construction process is as follows:
– Final quote confirmation is correct
Presenting construction schedule, starting and ending date of project
Contract signing & payment of $ phase 1
Apply for permission to build, deposit with project management
Construction of finishing the rough if any
Present all actual sample materials before construction
Investor confirms & approves the sample
Assembling furniture at the site.
Payment of $ stage 2
Adjust, check, check for errors if any
Industrial hygiene
Hand over the key
Last payment of $ and handover of warranty
End of contract
3.2 Construction process of interior house in apartment building
– Final quote is correct. Signing construction contract. It should be clear everything in the contract. Everything not in the contract is called incurred. Can make appendix of contract for arising items.
The construction unit submits an application to the management board and waits for approval. Faster or longer will depend on the drawing for approval and the party reviewing the application. But usually it takes 3 days to 1 week.

Source: EKE

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