Interior design for apartment building Mr. Huy – Imperia Sky Garden Minh Khai

Minh Hoàng
April 29, 2021

Imperia Sky Garden Minh Khai is one of the high-end apartment projects that many people want to own apartments here. And this is also one of the urban areas that HomeXinh designs and constructs many projects there. In this article, HomeXinh introduces you to the pictures of the interior design of the apartment building of Huy’s family at Imperia Sky Garden Minh Khai.

Interior design of the living room:

– Entering the apartment is the area for shoes and utensils. Beautiful shoe cabinet according to custom design (custom design) is the choice of his family. This thick cabinet shape enhances the aesthetics when entering the house. Indeed, the first impression of the guest when entering his apartment saw the neat thoughtfulness of the owner.

– The gray-and-white color of the wallpaper creates a lightness to the eyes of the opposite person when stepping into the living room. To create attraction and separate space, a white carpet with outstanding motifs separates the living room space clearly. The dark leather corner sofa combined with the low white tea table bring a youthful beauty to the living room space. The highlight in the living area is a modern décor drop lamp that makes a cozy and more impressive space.

– Opposite the sofa area is the worship area and TV shelf. Simple TV shelf suitable for modern apartment interior design style. The area is simple and compact, suitable for the living room of Mr. Huy’s family apartment. Simple time period with a little pattern to create accents. Although simple, but still shows the East Asian style. Inspired by wishes for fortune, peace and happiness.

– Interior design of the kitchen of Imperia Sky Garden Minh Khai apartment building
When designing the kitchen interior for Huy’s family, HomeXinh focuses on good air ventilation and ventilation and the aesthetics of the kitchen.

– Using elegant white colors combined with opposing black tones as the mainstay in the kitchen brings a feeling of relaxation, the kitchen space expands. At the same time, that opposite also attracts visitors and shows the aesthetic taste of the owner.

– Simple dining area with a black and white 4-chair table set. The highlight in this area is the wall painting that brings modernity but no less sophistication. This is not only a place to enjoy meals but also an ideal reading place for his family. Bookshelf with decorative rear shelves designed neatly with many different compartments.

Bedroom interior design

– The bedroom space of Mr. Huy’s family at Imperia Sky Garden Minh Khai is a harmonious combination of colors, details, lines and colors. This space is both a place to rest and a place to work. Bedroom space becomes versatile and convenient thanks to smart modern design.

– The bedroom with soft, neutral color tones, while seeing the tenderness in the space, contributes to a large sense of relaxation for the more airy bedroom space. Modern windows and curtains are used to create an open space, bringing natural light into the room. Simple wall-mounted cabinet design contributes to space saving.

Interior design of the extra space

– In addition to the above spaces, there is an empty room in his family’s apartment. Not to miss that space, HomeXinh has turned it into a reading room.

– Different from the rest of the space, this room uses two striking tones of white and blue. The interior of the room is a modern bookshelf close to the wall. In this space, HomeXinh has arranged a wardrobe for new members of the family.

– Above are some pictures of the interior design of the apartment building of Huy’s family – Imperia Sky Garden Minh Khai. If you want to have such a fully equipped living space, please contact us quickly. HomeXinh is always ready to assist you. Call hotline: 0971 825 669 for the fastest consultation!


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