Minh Hoàng
May 3, 2021

Interior design trends are also changed like fashion trends, each year the design styles are created and updated to make the living space more perfect. Is the key to apartment design only expensive and luxurious things such as Italian furniture, chandeliers …? But in fact, the elements of the decoration will be fully promoted, if they are arranged into a harmonious interior layout.

– So in 2021, what trend will make the interior design community crazy? Discover with Mixhome Furniture now, let your home lead the trend in the new year!

Bold color
– The new trend is shown through the use of more bold colors such as olive green, dark green, purple … more bolder colors are applied in housing, office, and hotel spaces. In general, instead of focusing on monochromatic, gentle or elegant colors, top interior designers tend to love bold, vivid colors, blended in bold and bold ways. Come for more surprises space.

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– The colorful pillows are used to decorate the sofa, new paint to stand out for the wall or a fresh color for the front door of the house. At that time, the outer space can be emphasized with wood, soft pillows, wool … In 2021, the main color is Classic Blue – Classic Blue, also promises to be used in many architectural works. new.

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Art of layering
– “Inspired by French design, I see the return of modern aesthetics to timeless layering art, giving it a very lively feeling.” – Interior designer Alexander Doherty says when discussing architectural trends. As delicate and natural as it is, the colors applied must ensure a perfect blend, with subtle transitions and changes in the shade, lightness, and depth of the color. In addition, the height layout of the used furniture and patterns also creates many different classes, giving a strong impression but also very harmonious for homeowners or demanding customers.

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The transformation in the interior layers will be architectural trends 2020-2021.

Tone color gently blends with nature.
– With the increasingly rapid urbanization, the trend of building houses in combination with tree planting has gradually become the architectural style of interior design in the coming years.

The trend of planting trees indoors has been and will continue to be loved in the next 2 years.

– Buildings such as townhouses, apartments, garden villas are designed with many trees inside and outside the living space. Trees not only help the house become cooler but also help the indoor air is always airy, the air is well circulated.

– You should choose small plants that like the ball, do not take much care and bring wealth to homeowners such as: Kim Tien, Tong Ho, Trau Ba, Van Nien Thanh, Ngoc Ngan, Phu Quy, Van Loc, … Do not choose trees that are too tall, blocking the air into the house.

– For the use of interior colors, beige and caramel tones are two tones that create both interior trends and harmonize with green. Beige brings lightness, warmth, tenderness and makes homeowners feel comfortable while caramel tones bring sweetness and a bit of manliness, wildness to the house.

Space connection.
– Currently, many people are paying attention to using a common space to create two separate rooms. In particular, the kitchen and living room are the golden points for this combination. You just need to change the background tile, wallpaper, wall paint color or have a CNC partition, small aluminum partitions to separate two rooms.

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– Besides, the bathroom and bedroom are also often combined. In Vietnam, the bathroom is located in a bedroom, with a moderate area and separated by a small door. In those combined spaces, creating harmony and convenience when living are the top criteria that architects and interior designers set out when combining living spaces together.

Block art
– Architectural trend 2021 with emphasis coming from the art of geometry (Neo – Geometric), using cubes to bring a unique look to the architectural space, while at the same time creating great creative inspiration for the architect. If looking for strong visual impressions, cubes such as square, round, triangle are combined with artistic patterns, bold color blocks will bring a very interesting experience. The cubes have never lost their charm, adding more modernity, lines and personality.

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The space adds personality with bold modern geometric blocks.

– As can be seen, interior design trends in 2021 are changed with simplicity in space, as well as connecting spaces together and bringing trees into the house, to make life more fresh and closer to nature. Hope you will choose for your home the most suitable and perfect design trend.

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