Korea supports the development of social housing in Vietnam

Minh Hoàng
April 27, 2021

SOCIAL HOUSING AREA HUD AS INVESTED BY HUD“Project on building an overall social housing policy in Vietnam in the period 2021-2030” supporting to perfect institutions and laws on social housing; Strengthening the capacity of policy-making agencies.


– According to the Ministry of Construction, within the framework of the project “Building an overall social housing policy in Vietnam in the period of 2021-2030”, there will be training conferences “Introduce experiences in social housing development in Vietnam in the period 2021-2030”. Korea and Improving Policy for Vietnam ”held in some key areas such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hanoi.

– Mr. Ha Quang Hung, Deputy Director of Housing and Real Estate Market Management Department – Ministry of Construction, said the project “Building an overall social housing policy in Vietnam in the period 2021-2030” used ODA non-refundable aid of the Korean Government was approved by the Prime Minister on the investment policy in Decision No. 848 / QD-TTg dated July 12, 2018 approving the investment policy “Main construction project. Master of Social Housing in Vietnam in the period 2021-2030 “funded by the Korean Government without a refund through the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

– The project uses capital to support research and development of a policy framework and supplement and complete the system of legal documents on housing and includes 5 components: researching current policies and mechanisms in Vietnam. ; investigating and surveying needs from objects of social housing; training and capacity building for staff and building the National Housing Development Strategy for the period 2021 – 2030; amending the Law on Housing 2014.

– According to Mr. Ha Quang Hung, this project will make an important contribution in supporting the improvement of the institution and law on social housing, and at the same time enhancing the capacity of policy-making agencies and management levels. house in Vietnam.

– On the other hand, the project also aims to ensure social security, completely solve the shortage of housing for low-income objects, workers in industrial zones; at the same time, improving the living conditions of low- and middle-income people; helping the housing market in Vietnam develop stably and healthy … Therefore, the implementation of the project is very necessary, in line with the goals and plans of the Government, towards perfecting home policies. living for people, ensuring social security – Mr. Hung emphasized.

– Notably, the project is the overall proposal to improve social housing policy in Vietnam in the period 2021 – 2030. This will be an important basis for policy makers to improve the mechanism, policies in the field of social housing, rental housing; improve professional capacity for officials and specialists of relevant agencies in the work of planning mechanisms and policies in the following stages.

– With rich experiences in social housing development projects in many countries around the world, KOICA experts will replicate initiatives and good experiences from different pilot programs that have been implemented and applied. the method was successful under specific conditions in Vietnam. Analysis, evaluation and recommendations will also be provided to help the Ministry of Construction improve mechanisms and policies to integrate advanced approaches to social housing development in the world into development programs. current social housing development.
Government policymakers and staff involved in social housing policy development will be trained and developed corresponding skills and abilities through capacity building and support programs. technical assistance.

– According to statistics of the Housing and Real Estate Market Administration, up to now, the country has completed 249 social housing projects for low-income people in urban areas, workers in industrial zones with construction scale. built more than 104,200 apartments, with a total area of ​​about 5.4 million m2.

– In addition, the country is continuing to deploy 264 projects, with construction scale of about 219,000 apartments. Although this result shows a great effort, it is still low compared to the plan, only about 42% of the target set out in the National Housing Development Strategy to 2020 of 12.5 million m2 of houses. in society.

Source: Bnews.vn

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