Leading interior design trends in 2021

Minh Hoàng
May 20, 2021

Opening a bold and exciting 2021 for your new home, don’t let your home bring an old style, go ahead with the trend right away with these new 2021 interior design suggestions. The following

  1. Leading the way with smart furniture design

– Smart furniture has not gone back and forth with people today, it is more and more applied in design and popular. But instead of smart interior models with old and too ordinary designs, Phe Decor is constantly innovating to offer versatile and smart interior models with modern and luxurious designs.

Sofa bed SFG80

– Maximizing usability, convenience and saving space are the criteria that many families love. Currently, the furniture has a multi-function smart design, mainly sofa beds, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, … with all designs, diverse and rich colors.

Nordic smart tea table – BT11

– Today’s leading trend in modern style is focusing more and more on the versatility and outstanding features of products. Especially for apartments with small area, smart furniture is always a top priority.

2. Color block style design

– Exploding Color block colors through novel tones, in other words Color block- like a multi-colored chameleon crept in today’s interior designs, it is increasingly being noticed by its uniqueness. , playfulness in the array of colors used. ️


– A new color in modern styles, combined with personality colors immerses you in the space with outstanding colors without being distracting.


– Currently, young people are quite popular with this design style because of its youthful and flexible colors, but the Color block style also brings an interesting feeling. This is sure to be an interior space that makes you satisfied. and infatuated.

3. Open space connection design

– Currently, most apartments have broken down the cramped, secret walls to combine 2 kitchen and living spaces into 1 common space. Considered as the soul of the house, the living room and kitchen are always the focal point in the design, creating a spacious and airy space.


– To satisfy the interior display, the design for an open space is always focused in a subtle and neat way. That’s why the design style with open space is more and more popular. Because it creates a more airy, more comfortable space.

4. Luxurious metallic interior design

– Today, the metallic gold color of the interior is increasingly focused on bringing a luxurious and aristocratic space. With metallic, bright gold-plated decorations, it is easy to coordinate with furniture and suitable in all different styles.


– With this trend, you just need to cleverly decorate and create accents for your small house with a few details such as lights, clocks, wall paintings,… Not too picky about flaunting colorful items. The metallic luster has a luxurious yet sophisticated beauty that easily enters the user’s heart.

– In addition to bringing luxury to the house, now with its metallic design, it is also very popular in the design of cafes or fashion shops to create a unique and impressive beauty that attracts customers.

5. Indoor garden design trends

– The society is growing, the smoke is more and more, creating green space in your own house is becoming more and more popular, whether it is a small or large apartment, there are design styles that are suitable for the design style. this. Sometimes for the most convenience, in addition to planting easy-to-grow plants, this design is also used as a private garden space according to the wishes of the owner.

– Satisfied with the stunningly beautiful indoor gardens, especially for those who love nature, unleash your creativity for your garden, each indoor garden always creates a unique architecture that is almost impossible to copy. It can also be said that the design of the garden in the middle of the house will create a personality for the unique interior architecture of your house.

Source: https://phedecor.com/

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