Lovera Park townhouse sale event

Minh Hoàng
April 28, 2021

– On the morning of November 11, the sale of Lovera Park townhouses at Lovera Park project campus (Trinh Quang Nghi street, Phong Phu commune, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City) was a great success. With 450 houses adjacent to Lovera Park garden, the owner is open for sale. Attending the event were representatives of investors, partners and the participation of nearly 2,000 customers on the opening day. Reached a transaction record when 100% of the first basket of goods (450 units) found their owners in just a few hours.

Customers are excited to welcome Lovera Park

– This event has attracted many customers from Districts and Districts in Ho Chi Minh City. Because at a price of 2.39 billion, VAT is considered a rare number in the market. From very early on, a lot of customers attended the program with the desire to become a future resident of Lovera Park. The townhouse real estate market is currently the place where customers choose the most. When the majority of Vietnamese people are still not familiar with the culture of apartments as developed countries. Because according to the concept, housing with land is very wonderful. Both own property attached to the land and assets on the land. That’s what many of us want when we spend money on a home.

– Real estate value is increasing strongly in central areas. While the demand of the people is higher and higher. According to statistics we have 70% of the population at the middle income level. Among 70% of these customers, about 20% have good income, suitable for the price range of 2.4 billion VND. If only in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, we have about 11 million people with average income and high demand for housing. An impressive number for developers to believe that their products will sell well in 2017 and beyond.

– Explanation of the attraction of Lovera Park’s Lovera Park townhouse products. Mr. Binh shared: “Lovera Park’s attraction comes from many factors. Especially the outstanding advantages of the project in terms of location, space, utility and selling price ”. This is a cheap townhouse product in Binh Chanh district. When it comes to Binh Chanh district, surely all of us feel far away. But in fact, the distance to travel to the center is only 20 minutes by car. Only 5 minutes by motorbike from Phu My Hung. Lovera Park townhouses are carefully focused by the investor in the design stage. With a flexible price suitable for consumers, Lovera Park promises to bring a breakthrough in the mid-range real estate market in the near future.

– Attending the event, customers can visit the model house in the project. At the introduction ceremony of the Lovera Park project, in addition to choosing and ordering the right houses, customers also receive valuable gifts such as Iphone 8, Honda Air Blade (worth 40,990,000 VND), Smart. SAMSUNG TV (worth 16,390,000 VND), LG 32inch TV (worth 6,490,000 VND), 01 SJC gold thread (valued at 3,600,000 VND)….

Reasonable price – flexible payment policy

– With a flexible area (5 × 15, 5 × 16…), design 1 ground floor 2 floors, welcome sunshine, receive natural light … Lovera Park townhouse has a price of only 2.39 billion / house (house, land, pink book) – A price equal to a mid-range apartment in neighboring areas such as District 7, District 8. With a scale of 20ha, Lovera Park has a very low construction density. This is the only project in the region with 80% of the area for utility construction and green development.

– In addition, Lovera Park also offers many financial support programs to help customers easily own garden townhouses at Lovera Park. Customers enjoy up to 18% / year pre-payment amount. Customers who need a loan with 0% interest rate and a grace period of 12 months or 0% interest rate within 30 months or a fixed interest rate of 5% within 60 months.


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