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Minh Hoàng
May 20, 2021

I. What is smart interior design?

Smart interior design is the application of great products of mankind with the desire to bring to consumers a product with high use value to help users save space as well as money, and especially These products are all modern style, diverse in design to suit every family.


– With the trend of modern society, using smart interior designs is the first choice of apartments with a small area. Regardless of smart furniture products, they have the ability to integrate and bring many different functions.

II. Some common smart furniture

  1. Efficient space saving

– Homeowners use smart furniture products mainly for the purpose of helping small living spaces become spacious, comfortable and extremely convenient.

– In addition, with small apartments, they also help limit the layout and display of too many interior decorations.

– However, smart furniture not only compacts the house, saves space but also serves all the living needs of the owner. In particular, reduce the feeling of being cramped and stuffy with rooms with a small area.

  1. More convenient in the process of living

– Smart interior design is a product that integrates many functions to meet the needs of people in the process of living.

– The product has a compact design, ensuring you can pull it out when in use and fold it compactly when not in use. Therefore, from these modern designs, smart furniture contributes significantly to improving the quality of life and making your life simpler and more comfortable.

3. Cost savings

– With outstanding features, smart furniture products have many different functions integrated in the same product. Therefore, instead of having to buy many different furniture in the past, smart furniture will help you save a lot of money.

  1. Create a tidy living habit

– Smart furniture is designed with many different functions, so if you want to use it, it is imperative to learn how to create a tidy habit when using it. Because in some cases you can only use the next function when the previous function is completed.

– In particular, for families with small children, the appearance of smart furniture will help children form a more organized habit.

IV. Experience choosing smart interior design

1. Selection by region

– When choosing smart items and furniture, the first thing you need to consider is the location and space to place them. Each room will have different typical furniture such as: The living room has a desk, a bookshelf; The kitchen has a kitchen cabinet, a dining table; The bedroom has a wardrobe, a bed,…

a. Smart furniture for living room

– The living room is probably the area that needs the most care because they are not only a place to meet and chat, but also a space that represents the style, class, and face of the owner.

– Especially for apartments with small and narrow living room space, you need to consider carefully before choosing smart furniture. Make sure the living room space is arranged in the most intelligent and convenient way.


– Most homeowners want an airy, spacious living room. Therefore, you should use multi-purpose furniture with many uses to both remove the feeling of mystery for the living room space and maximize the space for the house.

– With small living room spaces, you can apply suggestions such as using smart tables and chairs, compact sofa sets to increase modernity, foldable furniture of moderate size. That is a plus point for the small living room, creating a spacious and airy space while bringing a more modern and impressive look.

b. Smart design and selection of furniture for small bedrooms

– The bedroom is a private space for rest and relaxation of each family member. Therefore, when choosing smart furniture, you need to know how to arrange and arrange smart furniture appropriately to get a bedroom that becomes more airy, eye-catching and attractive.

– With modern-style bedrooms, homeowners always prioritize smart furniture models such as built-in wardrobes, folding beds or beds combined with wardrobes to help return airy space to the bedroom.


– Besides, for families with conditions, it is not a bad idea to have a combination of multifunctional smart TV shelves when combined with the design of a wardrobe, a desk or a dressing table. It will make your bedroom more airy and more comfortable.

– In addition, one of the important things when you choose smart furniture for the bedroom is the durability of the product. Therefore, the advice for you is to use smart furniture of clear origin, to ensure longevity as well as comfort during use.

c. Smart interior design of the kitchen

– With the current design trend, homeowners often arrange and arrange the connection with the living room to create a feeling of warmth and ventilation. Therefore, when choosing smart furniture for the kitchen, it is necessary to make sure to make the most of the area and bring about high efficiency.

– For small kitchens, you should prioritize the use of multi-purpose furniture products such as tables, kitchen cabinets with storage functions, etc. to make the kitchen more airy and spacious.


– In addition, in the layout of kitchen cabinets to have more spacious kitchen space, you should choose L-shaped kitchen cabinets and make the most of the space to place and store things. However, it is still necessary to ensure the aesthetics and science for the larger kitchen.

– Note that in order for kitchen furniture products to have a longer life, you should use high-grade industrial wood cores with high waterproofing and anti-warping properties.

2. Select by brand

– Before choosing any product, you need to pay attention and care and carefully consider the brand of that product to ensure the best quality.

– Usually, homeowners will pay attention and keep an eye on famous international and domestic brands instead of buying at some dealers with products of unknown origin.

– You can refer to some well-known furniture brands such as: Formitalia – a luxury furniture brand from Italy, Siematic – a high-end kitchen brand from Germany, … to have more choices when buying products. furniture products!

3. Select by price

– To avoid buying fake smart furniture products at exorbitant prices, before you buy, choose the product you need:

Review and refer to prices in many different brands and places to buy

Compare the features and ease of use of the product

See the warranty period

Material, product structure

V. Which is the best smart interior design unit today?

– When it comes to smart interior design and construction, the first thing to think about is the reputation and potential of the implementing unit. The working process must be applied methodically, quickly in terms of preparation, neat during the working period, warranty and maintenance after handing over the finished product. In particular, has the ability to design and produce smart furniture depending on different spaces and locations.

– Meeting the above requirements, Tam Hoa Furniture is confident to be the number 1 smart interior construction team today in Hanoi and neighboring provinces. 10 years of experience in providing products, drawings, and Smart Home for thousands of families.

– We have done big projects such as interior design of dressing rooms at Vinhome, Central Pont Trung Kinh…

– In each area, we will send you designs, reference drawings with a variety of options to help the idea of ​​​​Smart Furniture become the most perfect.

VI. Some of the most impressive smart interior designs in 2019

– Here are the most beautiful and suitable smart interior designs for the space:

The design takes advantage of the wardrobe to turn into a multi-purpose study table.
Take advantage of the space right inside the desk to turn it into a neat cabinet
Impressive bed design for children, helping them become active – creating more play space
Easily turn on and off, increase or decrease all devices in the house with smart furniture
Smart layout, maximum space saving for living room space
Turn the wardrobe into a convenient bed
Easily folds and unfolds with smart table design
Turn your bed into a drawer that holds whatever you want
Tận dụng không gian gác xép cực kỳ bắt mắt
Make the most of the eye-catching loft space

VII. Conclude

– Is it okay to use smart interior design at this time? You probably already have the answer yourself, right? Besides the smart interior illustrations that Tam Hoa Furniture has just listed above, customers can also ask our team to follow the ideas that you give.

– At Tam Hoa Furniture, we are committed to bringing the highest value with competitive cost, long warranty, a dedicated team of experienced consultants and only using materials according to the agreement.

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