Officially announce Van Phat Song Hau Residential Area:Poetic life – good trade

Minh Hoàng
April 24, 2021

The announcement ceremony will take place at 13:00 on Sunday April 18 at CB Diamond Palace organized by Dat Xanh Western. The event marks the return of the hottest segment of the market today – industrial park residential real estate in one of the largest industrial parks in the West.

Rare products, competitive prices

– With the announced price expected from 750 million VND / land product red book, the announcement event of Van Phat Song Hau Residential Area project is expected by investors. In addition to the advantages of good prices, Van Phat Song Hau Residential Area also owns a frontage of South Song Hau National Highway to Cai Cui port, Tran De port – Soc Trang; opposite Provincial Road 927C connecting Nga Bay City and Highway 1 and only 15-20 minutes from Can Tho city center.

Van Phat Song Hau residential area is welcomed by investors by owning the frontage of the South Song Hau highway, a facade embracing the gentle Hau Giang bank, good trade.

– The location also satisfies the needs of young families with small children, especially employees working in Song Hau Industrial Park, the largest industrial park in Hau Giang, and is also considered one of the largest industrial parks. West.

– The presence of Van Phat Song Hau Residential Area project is also compared to “quenching” the industrial park real estate market. It is known that according to the plan, there will be about 308ha of residential land serving for Song Hau Industrial Park only, but it will not be enough to meet the number of workers who will focus here to live and work. It is forecasted that in the near future, the number of workers gathered in this industrial park will reach 38,500 people, corresponding to 642ha of residential land. It can be said that housing for workers is now an urgent issue.

– The launch of Van Phat Song Hau residential area with a scale of up to 32ha will contribute to solving housing needs for more than 5,000 residents (equivalent to 27% of the total number of workers working in the Song Hau Industrial Park cluster).

Poetic life – Dac trade

– The unique advantage of the project is the possession of a peaceful and poetic frontage of Hau River, not only bringing a prosperous living space “favorable to the peace” for residents living here, but also bringing good trading opportunities, when the next time the project developer will proceed to deploy riverside parks and marinas … where passenger and goods transport on inland waterways in the basin the western sub-region of Hau river.

Dự án có trường mầm non và hai công viên vui chơi giải trí, phù hợp với các cặp gia đình trẻ.
The project has a kindergarten and two amusement parks, suitable for young couples.

– Both an ideal residence with full internal amenities such as a completed amusement park, and facilities to be built such as kindergartens, commercial centers, shophouse … Diversified business forms such as rental accommodation, opening a grocery store, spa, coffee business, breakfast, … both optimize investment flows, convenient to go to work, children go to school.

– For a 3-generation family of children, parents, grandparents, this is a worthy choice when the project has 2 green parks including the project center amusement park and park, a promenade. riverside suite, where the whole family can immerse themselves in the fresh air every morning or take a leisurely walk at sunset. A desirable living space, at the same time, creates clear childhood memories for the preschool generation and nurtures older parents to have longer longevity.

– As for investors, with a real estate product at the core of Western industrial cities, just 20 minutes away from Can Tho city at a price of less than 1 billion dong, is a choice not easy to find. Especially, the products have a red book, increasing the value of reliability as well as guaranteeing a sustainable profit growth margin.

Fully furnished internal facilities with a commercial center and marina, providing a poetic living experience for project residents.

– In the context of unpredictable changes in investment channels, the red book land under 1 billion is still a worth-money investment channel today, not only thanks to the liquidity, but also the profit margin can be determined. The price is through the location, utility and the surrounding traffic infrastructure.

– According to the exclusive distributor – Western Green Land, the shopping carts announced on April 18 are the beautiful products of the main axis of the project and near the riverside park, suitable for settling in and resting. commercial business.

Các mẫu nhà phố thiết kế hiện đại đa công năng tối ưu an cư và kinh doanh tại gia đồng thời cũng là nơi nghỉ dưỡng lí tưởng cho cư dân Vạn Phát Sông Hậu.
Modern multi-function townhouses are designed to optimize living and doing business at home and are also an ideal resort for residents of Van Phat Song Hau.

– At the same time, the preferential policies for investors in the upcoming announcement include 2% discount, 2 gold gold coins and many valuable gifts such as side by side refrigerators, washing machines, steam fans.

– Obviously, in addition to the value of a safe investment, Van Phat Song Hau Residential Area is also an investment for the future, the key to a poetic life- good trade.

Source: Can Tho Online