Opened the first serviced apartment for sale in Vinhomes Smart City

Minh Hoàng
April 27, 2021

– With only the initial investment cost of VND 267 million, customers will receive a house immediately to rent with a commitment of 7% profit / year within 18 months, enjoying “peace of mind”: management and peace of mind. assured of profits.

– Gateway Tower serviced apartment building owns a prime location when located in the urban center of Vinhomes Smart City, conveniently connected to Thang Long Avenue and overpass connecting Le Trong Tan Street. Officially launched when all internal utilities have been put into operation, the apartment building will become the focal point of expensive investment in the western area of ​​Hanoi because it is managed, operated and leased by Vinhomes – the brand name. No. 1 real estate in Vietnam.

– Customers buying Gateway Tower apartment will get many attractive special offers on the occasion of opening sale. Specifically, customers only need to pay 20% of the value of the apartment in advance – equivalent to 267 million VND – to receive the house immediately. With a bank loan up to 80% of the apartment value, the investor will support 0% interest rate for 12 months, helping customers have more time to arrange finance. Gateway Tower serviced apartment is also handed over basic furniture for customers to relax and optimize their investment when they can exploit for rent right after receiving the house without wasting time waiting for interior renovation.

– In particular, customers who buy serviced apartments at Gateway Tower are committed by Vinhomes to a profit of 7% / year for 18 months. This policy helps investors feel secure in the first time when they both receive interest rate support and a firm profit. In the long term, investors ‘profits are guaranteed thanks to Vinhomes’ experience in operation and management as well as a stable source of tenants who are a team of foreign experts working in the western area of ​​Hanoi.

– Around Vinhomes Smart City, there are more than 30 universities and nearly 100 projects invested in Lang-Hoa Lac high-tech park. The metropolis is also located adjacent to the My Dinh area – where there are many senior foreign experts working.

– Located in Vinhomes Smart City, Gateway Tower fully enjoys the Vingroup ecosystem with “four diamonds”: Vinhomes – Vincom – Vinmec – Vinschool, meeting all the needs of life. In addition, the building is also specially designed to serve rental needs such as a luxurious reception hall right at the foot of the building to welcome partners, reception and customer care departments are ready to receive and handle tenant requests.


– In terms of living environment, Gateway Tower apartment tenants have the opportunity to connect with residents from 20 countries and territories living in Vinhomes Smart City. The internal facilities also pay special attention to the “green – for health” factor such as 3 continuous parks of 16.3ha stretching 3km, including: Zen Park Japan with 6.1ha wide with tennis, badminton , basketball, patin court …; Sportia Sports Park equipped with more than 1000 exercise functions; Central Park Central Park with a 4.2-hectare central lake and white sand beach, outdoor BBQ area, mini-golf practice ground; 4-season indoor swimming pool at Vincom, outdoor swimming pool and internal park …

– The VinBus system inside and outside the area is about to go into operation in 2021 and 3 metro lines 5-6-7 in the future makes Gateway Tower easy to connect with neighboring areas. Along with that, 4 smart pillars Smart Security – Smart operation – Smart apartment (commercial product) – Smart community helps Gateway Tower become the leading choice for apartments for rent in the area. area west of Hanoi.

– In addition, the reputation of Vinhomes is an exclusive advantage, helping investors to manage peacefully, secure profits, and at the same time, a sustainable guarantee that helps preserve and increase the value of real estate in future.

– With a preeminent sales policy and outstanding potential for tenants – especially foreigners, Gateway Tower is the ideal choice for professional investors to enjoy at the same time “peacefully” – Peace of management and peace of mind about profits when investing in an apartment for rent in the only world-class smart urban center in the west of Hanoi.


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