Outdated interior design trends you should consider

Minh Hoàng
May 19, 2021
  1. Synchronized interior

– Usually, we often choose furniture sold in sets: for example sofa and armchair of the same color or TV stand, chest of drawers and cabinets of the same style. However, if you add a little creativity and effort, you can completely make your living space fresh and full of life. Instead of choosing predictable details, choose items that are close to each other’s tones then choose an accent. That can be a safe and smart solution.

  1. Wooden kitchen cabinets

– Wooden kitchen cabinets are extremely popular and common in homes. If you want to make a breakthrough, today there are many materials and colors for your kitchen cabinets to choose from to match the interior of your home. A simple way is if you want your home to look more modern and fresh, change the paint color or redo the kitchen cabinets.

  1. Abuse of oak color

– When designing the interior, people often use oak wood or oak color on the items. Granted, this wood color is quite luxurious and familiar, but every family loves the color of oak, so this is not a good option if you like newness. Oak wood combined harmoniously with partitions or furniture made of walnut and ash wood… will refresh your home space.

  1. Patterned wallpaper

– The pattern of the wallpaper is quite outdated. Unless you design your house in your own style, the advice of architects is to use patterned walls that are long outdated. Let’s aim for simplicity by choosing simple paint colors or tiles, wood… depending on your preferences.

5. The wall is covered with pictures and pictures

– Once upon a time, decorating the wall with photos of your life and achievements became a trend. However, nowadays, hanging pictures and large format photos is trendy. Even many homeowners are creative by hanging large cloths made of silk or brocade… to decorate the house. In the end, the main goal is still to reflect the personal taste of the homeowner, but you should pay attention to the decoration and arrangement so that it is harmonious.

Source: According to VOV