Project for designing and constructing furniture in Quang Ninh

Minh Hoàng
May 4, 2021

Villas are considered the most classy living space among many other living spaces such as apartments, townhouses, townhouses … Often villas with sea views will tend to modern trends, but Villas located in city centers or suburbs will tend to be classic, aristocratic. Mr. Liem – a customer of Long Thanh Furniture is also not out of that trend.

– This is a large house with luxurious villa garden space, he chose the neoclassical design of Long Thanh Interior to complete the entire interior and exterior of his spacious villa.

– Having a large villa, you should not regret money for the interior and exterior of your house. Why? Because it shows the owner’s authority without using words or showing much. In addition, once investing in high-end furniture, you can use it almost forever, beautiful forever, forever, almost only lose money for one purchase. As for normal interiors, it may be cheaper at first, but in the process of using continuous repairs, it is sometimes even more expensive, but not as durable as the original.

– The following is the interior and exterior project of Mr. Liem that Long Thanh Furniture is designing and manufacturing. Let’s take a look at our gorgeous, powerful, luxurious neoclassical design

Phòng khách nhìn từ chính diện
Living room viewed from the front

– The most expensive of neoclassical interior design is in the delicate details, fussy but not cumbersome. To create each pattern hole, every winding line, the carvings of ancient Greek culture, it is extremely difficult to do, it must be extremely meticulous and takes time. But with the enthusiasm, love of work, high skill, considering each product as the most valuable spiritual child, the “artisans” have made interior products full of art, drawing luxury. , the royal family of the mansion.

Góc nhìn nghiêng của căn phòng khách rộng rãi
Leaning view of the spacious living room

– With the main deep brown tones of rare natural Red Wood, the house becomes splendid and powerful. An 80’s, 90s style oil painting hanging in the center of the living room would be a not bad idea for this neoclassical living room decor.

Căn bếp rộng rãi của khách hàng
Customer’s spacious kitchen

– With this spacious and airy kitchen area, there is no reason not to choose a large-sized dining table and chairs with elaborate engraved details and patterns. The kitchen becomes extremely splendid and will make the owner of the house prefer to go to the kitchen, show her cooking skills to the family more.

Cửa sổ lớn đón ánh sáng tự nhiên vào căn bếp
Large windows let in natural light into the kitchen

– Neoclassical kitchen cabinets made from natural L-shaped natural red wood span the kitchen to fill the kitchen void, scientifically furnished but also extremely eye-catching. The background brick color is also a dark brown yellow tone that matches the neoclassical style that homeowners love and use.

Phòng ngủ master tân cổ điển
Neoclassical master bedroom

– The bedroom partly shows the personality and interests of the owner. Mr. Liem is a successful man, but his personality is modest, quiet and quiet, so the architects of Long Thanh Interior have chosen deep brown tones as the main color for the room. The two-color gray and white bed intertwined, is not cumbersome and cool, creating a comfortable and pleasant feeling when resting in this room. A simple Western European-style chandeliers or a soldier decoration on a 19th-century war carriage showcases the homeowner’s classy aesthetic.

bộ thảm trải lông giả cao cấp
A set of high-class imitation fur carpets, handcrafted to make the bedroom become splendid, aristocratic, feels like it is in the bedroom of the powerful countess of the 19th century.
Phòng ngủ của cô con gái đáng yêu
The bedroom of the lovely daughter

– For the beautiful and lovely little owner, we choose 2 main colors: white and light pink. This gentle tone interwoven, making a lovely room bright, full of life without distraction.

Phòng ngủ của cô con gái đáng yêu
Phòng thờ trên tầng cao nhất căn nhà
The church room on the top floor of the house

– In addition to the motifs bearing the imprint of Vietnamese culture, the architects of Long Thanh Interior also pay special attention to the location. The altar always has to lean back against the wall, the direction of “sandy sand direction” brings fortune to the homeowner.

Phòng sinh hoạt chung đẳng cấp, sang trọng
Classy and luxurious living room

– A Western European-style chandeliers, the rich and delicate color of the neoclassical sofa overlooks the large glass window, making the living room extremely brilliant, both very Western but also very bright. very cozy, eye-catching.

– Above is the interior of the most basic rooms of Mr. Liem’s villa that we want to list for you to admire and evaluate. In addition, the laundry room, son and daughter’s wc, … are also carefully designed and cared by the architects of Long Thanh Furniture.

– The project of the interior and exterior of Mong Cai villa, Quang Ninh at Mr. Liem’s house is still in the process of implementation. Please always accompany us – Long Thanh Furniture to admire the achievements and become our great customers.


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