Smart interior design for small apartment versatile

Minh Hoàng
May 20, 2021

The apartments are small and the space layout ensures full features; but still neat and tidy is the eternal story of many city dwellers. The size of the small apartment is something that cannot be changed; But interior design to suit this space just needs a little sophistication, you absolutely can. The use of smart interior designs for small apartments is an extremely reasonable solution; help your home space become surprisingly spacious, neat, tidy but no less comfortable and modern!

Thiết kế nội thất thông minh cho căn hộ nhỏ

Smart interior design for small apartments in Ho Chi Minh City

– In Ho Chi Minh City, the demand for small apartments is increasing; so the smart interior design industry for beautiful small apartments in Ho Chi Minh City is also very “Hot”. Below is an article sharing the experiences that Funi has drawn from experience in the field of smart furniture. Some part supports you with the information you need to know before decorating your home.

Make the most of your floor

Tiết kiệm không gian bằng giường ngủ thông minh
Save space with a smart bed

– Storing household items in a drawer under the bed is a unique way that you can completely apply to save living space for your family; and optimize the area of ​​the apartment you have. However, not everyone knows how to properly store items on the floor. This really requires you to be really smart and ingenious.

– When using this clever design, your floor should use strong, good quality wood; Can be used as a bed, can also create drawers to store things. When coming up with ideas, you need to create drawers under the floor; In order not to be attacked by termites, you must handle the moisture barrier well for those convenient drawers. In addition, you also need to arrange the furniture in the drawers in a reasonable and scientific way; in order to make the most of the space of the compartments.

Use wooden cabinets “2 in 1” for your home

Tủ gỗ thông minh đẹp
Beautiful smart wooden cabinet

– With an area of ​​apartment for rent under 30 m2, it is too narrow, making it difficult for you to design the location; suitable work for people passionate about work like you. A wooden cabinet can be a neat bookshelf; can easily become a convenient desk is a great suggestion for you.

– You need to choose the color of the wooden cabinet in accordance with the apartment space, installed in the corner of the house; or by the window so you can make the most of the space and light; Inspire you to be productive.

Use a multi-function bed

Giường ngủ đa năng
Multi-function bed

Your bedroom is limited in terms of interior space. If you are looking for a bed for your small bedroom, don’t miss the versatile bed. With the integration of both a bed, a sofa and a handy wardrobe in just one design; Surely the smart bed will satisfy even the most demanding owners.

Use convenient kitchen cabinets for small spaces

tủ bếp tiện ích
utility kitchen cabinets

– The hardest thing when designing the interior of a small apartment is how to get a convenient kitchen space; and modern when the area for this area is very limited. Therefore, when choosing furniture for small apartments, you certainly cannot ignore smart and reasonable furniture items for your kitchen. A convenient, compact design that takes advantage of every corner of your kitchen is the most reasonable suggestion for a small kitchen area.

Smart furniture for the bedroom of a small apartment

Mẫu nội thất thông minh phòng ngủ đẹp
Smart interior model beautiful bedroom
Mẫu giường ngủ thông minh đẹp
Beautiful smart bed model
Mẫu phòng ngủ thông minh đẹp
Beautiful smart bedroom model
Đồ nội thất cho phòng ngủ đẹp
Beautiful smart bedroom model
giường ngủ thông minh
smart bed

Cheap smart furniture items you should refer to

– With smart devices that are also cheap. So what are you waiting for, refer to the following furniture samples and buy yourself a smart furniture at the best price.

Smart shoe cabinet

tủ giầy thông minh
Beautiful smart shoe cabinet

The small shoe cabinet is smartly designed to store shoes, and can also be used to store other household items. In addition, the shoe cabinet is also suitable for beautiful, small and compact interior decoration items as shown in the picture.

Beautiful decorative shelf

Kệ trang trí thông minh giá rẻ
Cheap smart decorative shelves

Versatile smart dining table set

– The second model is a small multi-purpose decorative shelf that can be moved to another location very easily. With cheap smart furniture like this, you should buy one for home decoration.

Bộ bàn ăn thông minh
Smart dining set

– And this is a beautiful, smart, cheap 4-seater dining table set that is very suitable for small apartments. This table set is very easy and quick to disassemble.

Beautiful smart living room furniture

Mẫu bàn khách thông minh giá rẻ
Cheap smart living table model

– Smart tables always make it easier to arrange more furniture in a small interior space. The use of smart desks is the most optimal solution for a beautiful small apartment of each family.

Mẫu bàn ghế thông minh đẹp
Beautiful smart table and chair model

– The smart table and chair set is so beautiful, creating a highlight for your luxurious living room with surprisingly cheap prices. Does the above smart apartment model make you satisfied? Please leave feedback to help Funi improve the product better, ensure quality for you to buy with more peace of mind.

Bố trí Nội thất thông minh giá rẻ
Cheap smart interior layout

– Break all limits to have great living space right in your small apartment. This is what FUNI has been doing with smart interior designs for small apartments. Do not hesitate, pick up the phone and immediately contact the interior design company FUNI; to get the most appropriate and professional advice; for your concerns about smart interior design for your small apartment; to make your living space and the whole family more modern and comfortable!

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