The Law on Housing 2014 stipulates that foreigners are not allowed to buy real estate in Vietnam, but still own a house but must comply with legal procedures.

Minh Hoàng
April 23, 2021

Accordingly, Article 159 of the Law on Housing 2014 regarding the purchase (ownership) of a house stipulates that foreigners are allowed to own houses in Vietnam, including:

– Foreign organizations and individuals that invest in the construction of houses under projects in Vietnam in accordance with this Law and relevant laws.

– Foreign-invested enterprises, branches, representative offices of foreign enterprises, foreign investment funds and foreign bank branches operating in Vietnam (hereinafter collectively referred to as foreign organizations out)

– Foreign individuals are allowed to enter Vietnam.

– In addition, the Law also mentions that foreigners can only own houses in Vietnam through one of the following forms:

– Invest in the construction of project-based houses in Vietnam in accordance with this Law and relevant laws.

– Purchase, lease-purchase, donation or inheritance of commercial houses including apartments and detached houses in housing construction projects, except for areas under national defense and security regulations. Government regulations.

Foreigners need to comply with regulations when buying and owning real estate in Vietnam. Photo: VNA

– As a rule, foreigners who want to buy houses in Vietnam are only allowed to buy houses (including apartments and detached houses) in commercial housing construction projects, except in secure areas. defence security.

– Regarding the receipt of land use right transfer: Pursuant to the provisions of Articles 5 and 169 of the 2013 Land Law, foreigners are not subject to land allocation, land lease or recognition by the State, receive land use rights in Vietnam.

– As a result, foreigners are not allowed to receive the transfer of land use rights (in fact or as land purchase) in Vietnam.

Source: KHUONG DUY (T / H)

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