Minh Hoàng
May 13, 2021
KINA is one of the leading quality prestigious interior design companies in Vietnam today, voted by customers. With the position of a large company with a large staff and architects. We are constantly developing more in terms of size as well as quality and reputation for customers.
IKINA provides high-class interior design services with a variety of designs and prices, promising to bring customers the best value for your home space.
Why is IKINA always a high-end interior design company?
IKINA has built up in the Vietnamese market for many years in interior design. With the criterion of satisfying customers and providing the best living space, IKINA’s design products always focus on quality, choosing high-class, modern furniture at reasonable prices. Thanks to that, it has built trust with customers, and became one of the 50 most popular interior design companies.
High-class interior designs of IKINA
The high-class apartment is designed in a modern style, the neutral gray color chosen for this apartment is still extremely warm
The dining room is decorated with LED lights that make everything shimmering and fanciful.
The bedroom is full of light for the couple.
Pink pastel bedroom for girls.
This bedroom for twins features a bunk bed and decorated with a shimmering starry painting.
The villa is designed in neoclassical style with characteristically balanced moldings. Iron stairs with sophisticated yellow motifs make this luxurious living room more prominent with a high-class sofa set in neutral tones.
The dining room is located near the living room.
The kitchen is fully equipped with high-class and comfortable kitchen equipment to help homeowners easily prepare dishes for the family.
The bedroom is also used high-class materials from the bed, wardrobe, table and chairs in the room.
IKINA provides full interior design services for customers. We will consult the design and make 3D design to help customers visualize their house. We will do from A → Z, customers just need to wait and receive the finished product without taking time to supervise the work. We also maintain and warranty products for 6 years to ensure the interests of customers.

Source: ikina