Trend of house paint color samples in 2020-2021.

Minh Hoàng
May 14, 2021

– Paint color is a very powerful tool for representing a homeowner’s personality and can influence mood and cause mood reactions in people. Some paint colors that are too bright can easily cause eye strain, if you look at them long enough. Therefore, it is important to choose the right paint color for your family.


– Gray is a versatile neutral color with lots of space and easy to combine with furniture. This is the combination between the two elegant and mysterious features of black – white color. Therefore, in interior design, gray is used exclusively for those who love luxury and elegance in their living space.

– Using gray requires a great aesthetic because it is a two-tone color. one side is also strong, solid, elegant, one side is also full of darkness and monotony. Therefore, it is necessary to have smart combinations to maximize the advantages of this color gamut.

– Gray is a very popular color because it is a neutral color that easily matches many interior decorating styles in the house. Not only that, the gray color gives the space a feeling of luxury and modernity without being too simple.

Cream brown

– Cream browns are subtle colors, with a hint of the warmth of brown and the coolness of white, in general, cream mushrooms are the color of serenity and often evoke a sense of politeness, elegance and sophistication. elegant.

– Cream brown evokes feelings of cuteness and innocence for many people. If you decide to choose cream brown for the bedroom, this is one of the right decisions. Surely, your room will be helping to make your mood as comfortable and relaxing as possible.


– Blue is also a color suitable for both sexes, men and women, thanks to its harmony and versatility. Blue color symbolizes power and aristocratic beauty. That’s why the aristocratic beauty is also known as “The Blue Price”. In feng shui, blue is also suitable for people with the Wood and Water signs, bringing coolness, helping the mind to relax, and thanks to that, the efficiency of work and study will be significantly increased.

– Blue is one of the colors that many people choose because of the luxury it brings. Blue gives the space a more modern and luxurious feel but is not too prominent or flashy to affect the eyes of the occupants.

pastel blue

– Scientific research also shows that our brain development will be better when the ceiling is painted pastel blue. So, try to take advantage of this method to stimulate and maximize your creativity!

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– Many researchers believe that pastel blue helps us to calm down, calm down and reduce stress and anxiety in life. For the pastel colors is an advantage that helps many families, not too short of age, or personality and gender of the user.

Nude yellow

– Light yellow creates a feeling of serenity. But the bright yellow color makes a strong impression on the user’s eyesight. Therefore, light yellow color is extremely suitable for many homeowners regardless of gender or age.

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– Yellow is a sign of luxury and nobility, yellow is the most prominent feature of luck. Many rooms seem to become more luxurious thanks to the harmonious, subtle and intelligent application of colors by the owners.

Source: navalpaint

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