VENTURA Q2 Project Introduction

Minh Hoàng
April 16, 2021

Introducing the multi-purpose Villa Ventura

– Ventura Multi-Purpose Villa is located in the heart of Cat Lai urban area (152 hectares), one of the most potential urban areas in District 2 with a total investment of more than 6,000 billion VND. Completely planned, this villa is a high-class, convenient and modern living environment for residents with full facilities of international standards such as administrative area, education system from kindergarten to university: My Thuy Primary School, Son Ca Kindergarten, Cat Lai Secondary School; General hospital, green park, entertainment center, shopping, sport …

– Located near Cat Lai port, one of the largest ports in the South (more than 1,000 employees and sailors are working), with modern, versatile design in the combination of business and living functions. Ventura promises to be a bustling business, commercial service and business development place in the very near future, bringing residents here a full, prosperous and happy life.

– The Ventura multi-purpose villa area was handed over to complete the exterior with each villa built in the structure of 1 ground floor, 3 floors and terrace. Ventura is surrounded by the Saigon river system and green trees create fresh air for the area. Commenced in mid-2011, with strictly tested construction quality and materials, 92 villas in the multi-purpose villa Ventura have been handed over to customers since the end of November 2012.

– The Ventura villas are designed with a multi-purpose “2 in 1” that is both a delicate, comfortable and modern living space that can be combined with commercial services. Especially, with flexible designs and diverse positions such as Standard Villa, Park Corner Villa and Crossroad Villa.

– The products of the project were handed over and completed when each villa is linked with a modern ground floor + 3 floors, surrounded by a green river system.

– The airiness of each product has been started since 2011 and the handover finished with high quality materials, top quality was handed over at the end of November 2012.


– Project: Ventura Villas District 2
– Location: Road No. 18 – Cat Lai Ward – District 2 – Ho Chi Minh City
– Investor: Vinh Phu Investment Company Limited
– Development unit: Kien A Joint Stock Company
– Total land area: 20,000 m2
– Construction density: 40%
– Product Type: Adjacent Villa
– Product scale: 3 floors + 1 ahafm floor
– Design area: 119 – 204 m2
– Number of products: 92 units
– Price: From 34 million VND / m2
– Commencement: 2011
– Handover: Quarter IV / 2012
– Distributor: EXPRESS FLOOR

Location Located Dac Geography

– Ventura Villa is located at 18 Street – Cat Lai Ward – District 2 – Ho Chi Minh City. From here, it helps residents to quickly reach the East Saigon area, connecting the city centre with a series of new routes that have been planned, expanded and developed.

– The Ventura project is part of the complete model Cat Lai self-contained urban area project. Because when completed, this place converges all existing utility projects within a few kilometres. Bring prosperity and happiness to everyone. Thanks to this location, in addition to the ability to link the region, residents also bring the top profitable investment channel for customers wishing to buy to live, investors looking for new investment channels.



The Ventura villa project is offered by the investor with the price from 34 million VND / m2. Investor offers a flexible payment method, divided into several installments such as:

– In particular, customers are guaranteed by BIDV bank and supported with loans.

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