What is Luxury Interior Design? How to define a high-class interior space?

Minh Hoàng
May 13, 2021

– Surely, when you learn about interior design, you are familiar with high-end interior design consulting advertisements. So what is the definition of a high-class interior design?

– For customers who have a need for luxurious and high-class interior design, they all want to find out if the design they received is really high-class or not?

Criteria to evaluate a high-class interior design

– The phrase “high-end interior design” is used quite commonly in the advertisements of design companies. The words are simple, but understanding how high-end interior design really is is not easy.

– An interior space is considered high-class depends on many factors and a good combination of these factors.

Design style standards

– The first thing to talk about is choosing the right design style. Interior design style is the soul of the interior space. Architects when communicating with clients, the first thing to discuss is what design style the client likes.

Thiết kế nội thất cao cấp phong cách tân cổ điển
High-end interior design neoclassical style

– The designer will refer to the wishes of the owner to make the choice of a general style for his interior space to ensure that it is suitable for the function, creating emotions for the people living there.

– Currently, the design style is diverse. High-end interior design requires adherence to a certain style.

Find Out The Trending Interior Design Styles In The World

– High-class interior design depends on the materials used
Entering a living space you can easily get the high level of the furniture through the materials used. The red oak wood sofa set will of course be more luxurious and advanced than the oak sofa set. If it is carved red oak wood, gold emulsion sculpture is even more advanced.

Lựa chọn vật liệu cao cấp
Selection of premium materials

– If the granite floor costs a few hundred thousand VND/m2, it will be more luxurious than the ceramic tile floor with only a few tens of thousands of VND. If it is Italian marble, it is even more advanced. Or like the plaster ceiling will not be as luxurious and classy as the ceiling made of natural wood…

Sơn nhũ vàng hoa văn đầu cột
Painted with gold emulsion pattern at the top of the column

– We can see that the level of luxury of the interior is directly proportional to the price. However, not every house can design and construct high-class furniture. Not all cases can choose a high-class interior design style, or on the contrary, choosing a simple design style means losing the aesthetic and not high-end.

High-end interior design depends on the quality of finishing

– If an interior design for a high-class apartment is not built by a professional and reputable interior design company, it is difficult to be beautiful and bring the right value to customers. expected goods.

– Any mistakes in interior construction will lose the true value of the design. Even if it is high-class furniture, but the construction is faulty, the stone floor is not flat, the furniture is warped, scratched, etc., it is not called high-class.

Không gian phòng ngủ sang trọng
Luxurious bedroom space

High-class interior design depends on architectural space

– A space that is too tight will hardly help the interior of a luxurious home. Or as the ceiling is too low to help upgrade the house even though the materials used are really high-end. In contrast, with the high-class house architecture, from the beginning, it promised a high-class interior space.

Beautiful interior design depends on the function of use

– With reasonable function will increase the high level of the interior. On the contrary, if the function is not guaranteed, then surely the interior, even if it is valuable, inlaid with gold will also lose its value. For example, the door is too narrow, the stairs are not arranged properly, making it difficult to get up and down … then these factors significantly reduce the high-class value of the interior.

Công năng sử dụng đồ nội thất

High quality interior design depends on the perfect combination of elements

– Materials, construction quality, architectural space, and functionality only determine 50% of the high-end level of the interior. The remaining 50% is a harmonious combination of the above factors. That is the decision of high quality interior design.

– The quality of interior design is rated as good or not based on 2 points:

– The choice of materials suitable for architectural space gian

– Reasonable arrangement between different components, the ratio of different material arrays.

How to determine whether the interior space is high-class or not for those in the profession

– You should start from evaluating the materials used until the completion of construction. Those are things that are relatively easy to spot for the average person with no experience.

– In terms of architectural space or usability, you can easily measure it.

– Particularly for high-class interior design quality, it requires a long process of learning and exposure to realize.

– Don’t worry too much, remember the reputable high-end interior design companies… consulting.

Thiết kế nội thất theo phong cách châu âu
European style interior design

– If you are the owner of high-end apartment interior design. You should know how to take care of it. At the same time, learn more advanced knowledge in beautiful home design and decoration. If not, it is possible that the decorations and equipment you buy to install on your own will reduce the luxury of the house.

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