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These rental properties are usually owned by individual landlords and to live in those units comfortably requires detail negotiation directly with the landlords for ones’ needs. Also, please take note that individual landlords only provide you the tax receipt not red invoice. For example, if a tenant wants management fee, tax receipt, Internet fee, cable TV fee, water fee, electricity fee or gas fee to be included, it is better to be negotiated before the contracts are signed. The prices which listed on our website are usually net prices with management fee. (Not including Red Invoice or additional services stated above.)

There are very large amount of choices regarding apartment rental properties to fit every budget and preferences throughout all districts of HCMC so it is very possible to find the apartment which satisfies one’s desire.

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Most serviced apartments prices are inclusive of management fee, red invoice, water, Internet, cable TV, or gas fee, tight securities, 24/24 reception, swimming pool, gym and small allowance for electricity. Choices are limited but there are many styles of serviced apartments coming up and even high-end serviced apartments are released soon, so they might be the one for you! (Depending on selected properties there may be some differences with services, so please ask us anything if there are any questions.)

To avoid all trouble of repairing, cleaning needs and carefree during moving out, a serviced apartment is the best choice!

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Villas are one of the most interesting ways to live in Vietnam. Some of them are quite antique and have their own character. Villas usually come along with big garden and some have private swimming pool so maintenance fees rarely include in the rent and also for this type of property, we need consider to pay for all the service we plan to use. Tenants usually negotiate with owners to make some changes to make the property better however if tenants are willing to put sweat, it might become the part of entertaining.

Staying in Villa mean that you don’t have any regulation and be free to do whatever you want with the house as long as keep the noise quiet during midnight.

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In general houses are smaller version of villa. Houses in Vietnam are often very skinny, long and tall. Many of them have many rooms and can be used in very unique ways. If you plan to make money or run some business together with living in a house, this should be what you are looking for.

Cost of renting a house is considering as ‘reasonable’ in Vietnam compared to other types, as long as you don’t chose those in CBD.

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An officetel is designed to be a partially self-contained building, such that tenant can live and work in the same building, minimizing commute time. Because of the convenience of having daily routines located in one building, a significant proportion of the officetel’s tenants include lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, professors, and artists. On the other hand, office space is usually parceled out or leased to trading companies and small- to medium-sized businesses. Please feel free to ask us what your needs are and we will find the most suitable property for you.

These properties are rented for business purposes.

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