3 color tips between wall and interior for the perfect life space

Minh Hoàng
May 17, 2021

When designing interior and decorating a house, often customers will be very confused in combining the colors of the furniture so that they are right and stand out on the wall paint to bring out the effect. beautiful space. Therefore, the advice and timely orientation of experienced architects is really necessary. To help customers no longer have difficulty in this problem, VietSpace suggests 3 useful tips for effective color coordination between walls and furniture.

Follow the 60-30-10 rule to ensure overall color balance

– The 60 – 30 – 10 rule is considered the standard ratio to arrange the color arrays in the house so that it is harmonious and balanced. If you know how to flexibly apply the color scheme of this rule to the actual state of your home, you will notice the unexpected effect it has on the beauty of your living space.


– You can refer to the following formula in order of increasing color intensity: 60% of the room should be the main color (wall color, floor color), 30% of the room should be the decoration color of the room. furniture and 10% of the accent colors come from pillows, pictures, carpets, etc.

It is recommended to use light or neutral tones for the common living area

– With the living room or kitchen where family members spend a lot of time together gathering and entertaining friends and guests, when mixing colors between walls and furniture, colors such as cream, light gray or white would be very suitable for painting the wall background. This is considered the perfect background that both brings a bright and elegant look to the house, and helps to enhance the multi-colored beauty of the furniture and decorations. In particular, these colors can be used for a variety of interior styles, from modern minimalism to Nordic or neoclassical luxury.

Break the way for the bedroom with trendy pastel colors

– If the common living space of the house has been “dyed” with extremely simple tones such as white, then try to refresh and show your bedroom personality with pastel colors that are very hot right now. pink, mint green, blue blue,…

Sơn Mykolor màu xanh pastel đánh bay cái nóng mùa hè 1️⃣ VN

– Pastel colors are colors that have been tone down and made clear to bring a sense of courtesy and lightness to the eye. So if you have chosen them for the wall paint color, do not forget to keep the safe mode of the color of the furniture in cold, light tones so that these two elements do not oppose each other, causing an unbalanced composition. unbalanced time.

– Just now are 3 extremely simple tips that are easy to apply to make it easier for customers to choose and coordinate colors between walls and furniture. Hopefully this will be useful information for you in the process of perfecting the beauty of your family’s living space.

Source: noithatkhonggianviet