Option Service

We offer the above-mentioned services to a wide range of customers.

Whether you use our property leasing agency service or not, it doesn’t matter. Please contact us.


Problems Solving!

From beginning until the end of the contract, we can support both landlord/tenant in the most of activities to bring harmony from both sides. With many years in the brokerage market, we are confident on that.


Hire a maid (baby-sitting) and a security guard!

We have some trusted collaborated services for maids and securities to recommend to you if you are in need


Applying for a working VISA or travel VISA!

Some people have some problems during extending their visa process. For example: higher price, time consuming, etc… We can help you to get a visa with reasonable price.


Additional services included in the Rent.

There are some services you may get to involve during your living and you need to pay it every month, sometimes you feel very tiresome to handle all the bills. We can help you to put it into the rent, and the landlord shall help you to process it.

For example:
Cleaning, Gym, Pool, Management fee, VAT, Laundry, Motorbike parking, Electricity, Water


Air-conditioner cleaning, gas replenishing

For healthy issue or your children care, you need to clean it quarterly or twice per year. We can help you to find some reliable services to take care it with good price and good service.


Washing machine cleaning

According to keeplifesane.com, Washing machine is one of 50 place people always forget to clean. Let us know and we will bring you a best service.


Pest Control

Vietnam only has weather as ‘dry season’ and ‘rain season’, and no matter how carefully you take care your property, Insect cannot be avoided. If you don’t want to see it during your 1-year lease, please contact us.


Interior-design company introduction

Landlords who want to furnish the apartment for rent/ or Tenants who want to furnish a leased apartment with their own style. We know which companies are the best for the field according to each style. Moreover, they can provide you top-up discount on the current discount. You can never know.