8 interior trends to the throne 2021

Minh Hoàng
April 28, 2021

Plaster walls, wallpaper, industrial style … are said to be interior trends that take the throne in 2021.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021

– According to some interior design experts, the rising “grandmillennial” trend is a modern revival of cozy design elements that you can find in your grandparents’ homes.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021-Hinh-2

– This style is intended to evoke comfort, nostalgia, and tradition. Surely this will be one of the popular trends in 2021.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021-Hinh-3

– Wallpaper will likely be trendy by 2021. Accordingly, self-adhesive, removable wallpapers are becoming popular with tenants or looking for a low commitment way to upgrade living spaces. their.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021-Hinh-4

– 2021 kitchen designs can replace the colorful backlight with handmade ceramics. Homeowners can use ceramic tiles to create background light or cover the entire wall.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021-Hinh-5

– Green cabinets could be one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2021. Because green is a mix of blue and yellow, it suits both cold palettes and designs. the kitchen was warmer, more cozy.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021-Hinh-6

– Industrial style could be the next big furniture trend in 2021. Industrial interior styles often incorporate elements such as exposed stone, high ceilings, wood and metal elements, and coloration. neutral.

A background blend of traditional and industrial styling - ceramica.info

– Furniture expert explains that this non-calm style could be an uptrend in 2021 as people continue to spend more time at home.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021-Hinh-8

– Drywall is also predicted to return in 2021.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021-Hinh-9

– Rattan and wicker furniture is likely to be a popular trend next year. This type of interior is light and can work indoors and outdoors.

8 xu huong noi that len ngoi 2021-Hinh-10

– Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon and rayon may lose their place ahead of natural and recycled textiles by 2021.

Photo source: Insider

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