Attraction of mid-range 3 bedroom apartments

Minh Hoàng
April 20, 2021

– Mid-range 3-bedroom apartment is suitable for first-time home buyers, with limited finance or investors who want to buy for business.

The problem of choosing an apartment

– Currently, the commercial real estate market is recording an apartment segment that is interested by customers and has a positive increase in transactions, which is a three-bedroom apartment with mid-range price with convenient location. convenient and full of utilities.

– Ms. Phuong Nguyen (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) is wishing to buy an apartment with 3 bedrooms. “My wife and I prefer to buy a 3-bedroom apartment in an area of ​​75-85m2 instead of choosing 2 bedrooms, because in the long term, buying a 3-bedroom apartment will be more beneficial when the family size increases, needs private space. However, due to limited financial conditions, I am still looking for mid-range 3-bedroom apartments with convenient location, “she said.

– Unlike Ms. Nguyen who bought for living, Mr. Minh Quang (Tay Ho) wishes to find a 3-bedroom apartment for the purpose of investment for rent or transfer when the price is right. With 1.6 billion VND in hand, he is heading to apartments in the East of Hanoi, where infrastructure is developed, and can be easily moved to the central area with good prices. suitable for investment. “According to research, around this area there are many industrial zones, with the demand for renting or buying from foreign experts is quite large”, he shared.

– More and more customers are choosing projects with affordable 3-bedroom apartments like Mr. Quang or Ms. Nguyen because of their flexibility in demand. For the need to stay, or invest in rental, the 3 bedroom apartments often have good economic efficiency thanks to the ability to meet a variety of customer segments, from large families, individuals. Nhan wants to hire with friends, or foreigners living and working in Vietnam.

Mid-range 3 bedroom apartments are popular with customers

– “Mid-range 3 bedroom apartment is suitable for first-time home buyers, limited finance or investors who want to buy for business. Record transactions in the first month of 2021, quantity of inquiries and calculation The liquidity of these apartments also increased, “said Hoang Quan – leader of a real estate brokerage.

– Creative space apartment 1.6 billion 3 bedrooms for customers

– According to Mr. Quan, many customers target the northeastern area of ​Hanoi, which is considered a potential market with affordable apartments. In which, the highlight is the Eurowindow River Park project with creative 3-bedroom apartments.

– Specifically, to own an open-space apartment product that can create 3 bedrooms with an area of ​​82.1 m2, customers will only have to spend 1.6 billion VND. The owner of the handover of the house according to the creative space policy means that the homeowner will be given the autonomy in allocating the space by himself, choosing the design style and expressing personality.

Khu đô thị
Eurowindow River Park Urban Area,

– Located at the foot of Dong Tru Bridge, in the development center of the Northeast, the apartments at Eurowindow River Park inherit convenient transportation infrastructure, less pressure on dense population. . Benefit from the development of infrastructure and planning plans of the City People’s Committee in the future such as the Red River urban area, Tu Lien bridge or Dong Anh’s planning to the district in 2025 also contributes to the strength of the project.

– In addition, the attraction of the project also comes from its location at the gateway connecting to industrial clusters Vinh Phuc, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen … where a large number of customers are investors, experts. are working and working in these industrial zones. As a result, the number of foreign visitors wishing to rent and invest in real estate in Vietnam has also increased.

Eurowindow River Park nằm ở vị trí đắc địa, dễ dàng kết nối với xung quanh.
Eurowindow River Park nằm ở vị trí đắc địa, dễ dàng kết nối với xung quanh.

– Eurowindow River Park owns a variety of high-end internal facilities such as a shophouse, a 4-season swimming pool … A system of 3 basements throughout 4 buildings with a total area of 43,200 m2 will solve the worry of parking. resident.

– “Flexible space, diversified facilities, wide vision, convenient location, reasonable price and potential to increase prices, suitable for both housing needs and rental investment … are factors. helping Eurowindow River Park attract a large number of customers “, the investor shared.

Details about the project:
Hotline: 0903668010

Source: Tam Anh