Beautiful home interior design trends 2021

Minh Hoàng
May 18, 2021

Modern trend

– Modern style favors neutral colors such as white, black, gray, beige .. to enhance the elegance and liberality of the city. A plus point for this style is that you do not need to be too rigid in choosing deep tones. Instead, you can show a break in mixing some contrasting colors to create accents for a special corner of the space. This is also a detail that no other design style can do.


– In contrast to the materials of marble, leather, felt, etc. of the Classical style, the materials used by the Modern style are more flexible and unrestricted such as: glass, steel, concrete, wood, etc. Add a touch of elegance to your space.

Space – Light

– Modern interior design style always focuses on open spaces and light-oriented design. A sophisticated designer will know how to highlight high-class furniture in an airy and minimalist space. Light is optimally utilized from the large door frame system, skylight combined with the seamlessness in space. From there, it brings positive energy to the house and helps homeowners reduce the electricity load.

Save space, promote all functions

– Apartment apartments usually have a modest area, Modern style will help make the most of the “dead corners”. The “edges” are completely eliminated, creating an open space and receiving more natural light. Furniture is arranged simply, enhancing comfort. Consider each interior item, decor item as a separate work and need its own space, standing out when standing alone and in harmony with the whole.

– Modern style captures the hearts of urban residents not only because of its luxurious beauty and personality, but also from the comfort and optimal functions. The implementation cost is also flexible according to the design from simple and neat to luxurious and classy.

Modern Classic – Modern Classic

– Modern and classic designs are inspired by European culture such as Deco Saigon, blending with the artistry of Greek design and the romance of Italy. In the development history of European interior design, in the midst of the transition to modern style, people have created a unique blend of classical artistic beauty and creative thought in the modern era. modern times to create classic neoclassical furniture products.

– The furniture of this trend has been favored by many homeowners for many years and shows no signs of slowing down. To create a nostalgic atmosphere while still bringing comfort and luxury, you can combine classic furniture and familiar minimalism, or use modern materials to embellish decorative objects. exquisite simplicity.

– The main colors of this interior trend are usually brown, beige, black or chocolate brown. Homeowners need to have a skillful combination and refer to many interior options to create a neoclassical style. Modern and bright background tones such as gray, silver, white or blue-gray will be a great combination, making the space especially vivid in everyone’s eyes.

– The designs with both ancient and modern features can be found in most of Deco Saigon’s design products. Typically, the Leba smart folding dining table with the ability to collapse and expand versatile with mysterious black tones is one of the perfect choices for this impressive style kitchen.

Scandinavian Trends – Scandinavian

– Nordic design trends are shaped by simplicity and high applicability. The materials that make up these products are usually fabric, wood, high-grade plastic and leather. Although formed in the 50s of the last century, this style still has its own attractive beauty and is a strong inspiration for later modern furniture trends. Influenced by modern thought, Nordic interior style tends to focus on practicality and simplicity in product design.

– A feature in Scandinavian design is the combination of furniture with monochrome motifs, contrasting each other to create unique touches for the living space.

– To decorate the space while still keeping the simplicity of the Nordic style, you can decorate the high-class dining table, living room coffee table with vases with the color of flowers and grass. In addition, living room sofa pillows and stylized geometric patterns are also very suitable for this style.

– Houses with Nordic furniture often arrange wooden dining tables and coffee tables to create a cozy space for the family. In addition, today’s design professionals favor the combination of metal and wood in Nordic interiors.

– Besides, the typical color palette for this style is gray, white, brown and black. So when you decorate your space, focus on combining these colors together to create a sharp effect but still get a cozy Scandinavian atmosphere. White wall color will be suitable to make other decorative accessories shine.

– On the other hand, neutral and dark colors, if not skillfully combined, are also very easy to make the space become indifferent, homeowners can combine more decorations or vivid art paintings to complement. for space. Thick pillows or sofa fabrics also contribute to the coziness of your place.

– The above are the modern interior design trends that have been popular in the past year and promise to be the premise to create more unique new trends in 2021. Deco Saigon hopes that through this article, You will find the right interior trend for your home. Good luck!

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