Minh Hoàng
May 13, 2021

– Home is a place to return to, a place of peace and rest after the chaos of life. With today’s developed life, designing a beautiful home interior with a comfortable space is what each of us wishes to accomplish.

– Depending on the style and preferences of the homeowners, they want to design the interior of the house in a modern luxury style or classic but no less luxurious. Always need advice from architects, so that the house is not only airy in space but also harmonious in feng shui decoration.

Luxury bedroom interior design
Modern living room interior
Luxury living room furniture
Soft and luxurious bedroom furniture
Baby’s bedroom space

Interior design of houses Solution Group – brings the optimal solution to improve the space area

– Interior design of a house includes the selection and arrangement of furniture in the house, in order to ensure the science when using, giving the homeowner a lot of space, but when arranging all the furniture, it is still guaranteed. delicate airiness in the apartment.

– A beautiful home is not just about buying a lot of beautiful, modern furniture and then putting it in. More importantly, it is the reasonable arrangement of details and items to create a harmonious aesthetic space and fully meet the needs of the owner.

– But the difficulty that many homeowners face is how to make full use of household appliances and furniture in an area that is somewhat limited in 40m2 or even in only 15m2.

– In addition to the purpose of interior design for their home to have a comfortable living space, the aesthetic issue is increasingly valued by homeowners, through the interior design and decoration of the house, guests will appreciate it. is a homeowner who knows to enjoy family life or not.

– Towards a house that meets the requirements of aesthetics, feng shui, harmonious interior layout is not easy… However, if you find a professional housing design unit, you will certainly not worry about anything else.

Modern living room space
Modern living room space

– Solution Group is a leading unit in the field of interior design and construction of houses, currently we have successfully implemented hundreds of interior design projects for apartments, townhouse interior design, interior design. Semi-detached houses not only in Hanoi but also in neighboring provinces.

– With 16 years of experience in the field of design, we are always confident in our ability to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.


The process of receiving interior design and construction at Solution Group:

  • Surveying customers’ opinions and consulting design options according to cost, area and purpose of use.
  • Survey the actual situation of the work to be designed (based on the actual design area and actual measured area to make a design plan).
  • Plan the 2D ground design and sign the contract.
  • Make 3D idea plans with the required design area.
  • Modify and approve the final design plan.
  • Complete technical documents and design contract finalization.
  • Discuss and plan the construction plan and time.
  • Processing and manufacturing furniture according to interior design drawings.
  • Install and repair furniture according to the design model.
  • Supervision, collection and handover of works according to the contract.

Solution Group: always knows how to make a difference in design while providing better living facilities for families. Solution Group is highly appreciated by customers through its unique and modern home interior designs, which not only bring convenience in function, but also bring great aesthetics to each house.

– Come to Solution Group furniture for you and your family to have a comfortable, luxurious and classy living space, expressing your own style.

Luxury villa living room furniture
Modern villa bedroom space


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