Buying right is not enough, good management can bring sustainable success in real estate investment

Minh Hoàng
April 19, 2021

CafeLand – In real estate, disciplined investing begins with the right buying decisions. Profits can be made by finding real estate in the right place, at the right time, but most importantly at the right price.

– Basically, the price you pay for a property is the foundation of your investment success. In fact, by learning and following a certain kind of rule, you can avoid paying too much money for a property.

– This will not only eliminate trivial investment opportunities, but also help ensure expected returns or exceeds expectations. This process is often referred to as performing due diligence.

Know what you want to buy

– Focus on properties that perform poorly but have facilities ranging from good to high. These properties are also required to be regularly maintained and maintained.

– The preferred criteria for purchasing these properties include: Low priced properties; Has the potential to bring in revenue but has not been properly exploited due to the difference between local and market prices; Can be renovated to increase value; Having a stable source of tenants; Have good sales and low vacancy rate.

Know how to buy

– The trick is to build good rapport with property owners because when they’re willing to sell their property, you can be their first contact.

– This proactive strategy can give you the opportunity to buy products that are not widely listed on the market, avoid price hikes and compete with other competitors when the property is offered for sale. declaration.

Mua đúng chưa đủ, quản lý tốt mới mang lại thành công bền vững trong đầu tư bất động sản

Know how to effectively manage your investments

– After acquiring a property, apply proactive and active management practices to minimize the risk of the property being devalued, and at the same time, bring the potential for unlimited increases in price in the future.

– The above strategy allows you to explore the potential value of real estate through targeted renovation plans that enhance the overall tenant experience, thereby creating higher rents and increasing value. asset.

– Under this strategy, you can focus on maximizing your income and generating steady cash flow from real estate by: Performing regular market analysis to ensure maximum rental revenue; Implementation of operational cost reduction initiatives; Ensuring continuous performance of real estate; Increase non-rental revenue from utilities such as parking, amusement parks, laundry services; Renovate or add facilities to increase rental revenue.

– Improved customer service as well as the appearance and condition of the property can lead to a significant increase in rents. For example, the developer can renovate the kitchen and bathroom in the apartment, open retail, create entertainment spaces, or develop the remaining land in the project to generate additional income.

– In short, while the correct due diligence strategy and the right buying decision are an essential part of real estate value creation, a successful investment formula always involves proactive management and positively to create sustainable value for a future property.


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