Application of imitation wood wall cladding for interior decoration.

Minh Hoàng
April 9, 2021

Realty in Vietnam: As a green material that is safe for the health of users, wooden imitation wall cladding is one of the products in the line of PVC materials that many people choose for interior decoration.

Characteristics of imitation wood wall cladding:

– Structure: Wood imitation wall cladding is composed of 3 parts: PVC Plasker, waterproof Hot Melt Pur glue, decorative PVC film and surface protection film.

– This material is environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable.

– Outstanding durability: with the ability to withstand some harsh environments such as alkaline and mild acid environments, high humidity environments, seawater environments … PVC planks give furniture a durability of 20 – 30 years.

– Water resistant, free from termites, warping, simple and fast construction.

– Easy to clean and clean due to its slippery surface.

– High aesthetics due to diverse and vivid colors, motifs.

Application of imitation wood wall cladding:

Wood imitation wall cladding is used for furniture such as ceilings, decorative partitions, wall cladding … in office buildings, apartments, entertainment …

Decorative wall cladding:

Film coating directly on the surface of the layer helps to create wood grain colors for the wall cladding, making the interior space become luxurious and eye catching.

– These wooden imitation plastic wall panels give your home a luxurious, unique and attractive beauty.

– This is a new material with many outstanding advantages that can replace many traditional interior decoration materials such as wood, natural stone, granite … while still ensuring the luxury, complying with design ideas. original, as well as internal architectural safety.

Ceiling tiling:
– The wood imitation PVC ceiling is water resistant, termites absolutely overcome the disadvantages of natural wood ceilings, wood imitation plastic ceiling helps prevent the absorption of moisture into the ceiling system.

– Composed of PVC resin powder, the wood grain plastic ceiling is capable of not sustaining the fire and reducing the spread of the fire. In addition to that light weight, plastic ceilings move easily and conveniently when constructing, especially when building high-rise buildings.

– Wood grain images are printed on the surface of the plastic ceiling to bring a luxurious and noble beauty to your space.

Kitchen cabinets:

– Using fake wooden wall cladding where kitchen cabinets bring a modern but cozy living space.

Decoration for the bathroom:

– You can use wood imitation wall cladding to make lavabo cabinets in the bathroom.

– With high-grade materials, the wood imitation PVC sheet is water resistant, termite resistant, has outstanding durability, brings luxury beauty, comfort to the bathroom space.

SOURCE: CafeLand

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