Furniture trends in 2021: Which styles, colors and materials will prevail?

Minh Hoàng
April 12, 2021

The year 2020 brings a myriad of unexpected challenges that have fundamentally changed the way people live and live in homes. We are entering the year 2021 with a new mindset and respect the role of the house in everyone’s lives. So what décor, colors and materials will become popular next year?

– The Covid-19 pandemic that broke out earlier this year seemed to completely change our lives. Many people turn to work, study, exercise, entertain, and socialize at home every time an epidemic breaks out. On the positive side, the Covid-19 translation forces each individual to re-recognize the importance of where they live – home; think, consider and evaluate how they live in it and want to change, design their living space; Since then, the way of interior decoration and living space plays an increasingly important role.

– To know what home design will look like next year, consult with interior designers and industry experts on 2021 leading trends, from décor to color. to the material. For those who are planning to renovate and decorate their house to welcome the New Year, the following comments will help spark ideas, to have new creations for the house.

Nostalgic style ascended the throne

– It’s surprising that one of the decoration trends that will prevail in the new year 2021 is not at all new. Design styles that have stormed in the past such as Victorian, Art Deco, grandmillennial (multi-generational style) have truly revived as people turn to nostalgia in search of a sense of security and safety. comfort in mind. Experts also predict that the neo-ancient trend will appear through gold-plated finishes, floral motifs and classic decorative details on a contemporary space.

Easy-to-clean materials become an interior trend in 2021

– Covid-19 puts cleanliness first in many homeowners and some designers predict that more easily cleanable materials will be used as a way to limit the spread of bacteria, germs in the house. Experts expect to see the proliferation of glass and metals – non-porous materials that are easy to clean and less likely to allow bacteria to grow.

Kitchen cleaning is no longer a nightmare for housewives when using utensils and equipment made of stainless metal. Photo: Helen Norman

– The materials for the sofa, carpet or bed sheet will be made from high performance fabrics with special designs that can be antibacterial and anti-fouling. Such child-friendly materials could also be used throughout living spaces, especially when children have to stay home from school or study from a distance to prevent the spread of disease.

Warm colors

– In terms of color, it is expected that shades will gradually warm up by 2021. After all that humanity has been through together in 2020, the house needs to be warm, comfortable and cozy as possible. can bring happiness and peace to each person. Warm neutrals and rich earth tones are the leading color trends in 2021. Experts also predict organic shades like light brown will gradually replace gray; Meanwhile, deep, neutral colors such as olive green and burnt orange will continue to dominate the color palette in 2021. To keep up with this trend, when decorating homes, homeowners should choose paint colors and Fabric products (curtains, blankets, sheets, pillows) in yellow or red tones bring a warm and friendly feeling.

Peaceful green

– On the opposite side of the warm color spectrum, light blue shades that bring a sense of peace and relaxation will be fully utilized by homeowners in 2021, as predicted by some experts in the field. field. For example, online shopping platform Etsy has chosen blue as the color of the year 2021 when statistics show that searches for light-blue items during the past three months have spiked 39%. same period last year. This is understandable, because the pale blue colors remind the sky, the water surface, helping to nurture a mellow indoor atmosphere.

phòng khách màu xanh dương
Interior trend in 2021 tends to use peaceful and cool blue colors. Photo: Jay Wilde

– Obviously, color has a huge impact on a person’s mood and behavior indoors. Blue shades possess classic beauty, perfect for calming souls and enhancing concentration – something anyone needs after the volatile 2020 year.

Natural materials

– Connecting with nature is essential, but it is becoming more and more remote in today’s life, especially for people living in big cities. Humans gradually lose connection with earth, heaven, plants and all kinds of things, which bring a feeling of freshness and relaxation. So how can we bring these natural elements back into our lives? The best way is to integrate them into the house itself. Rattan, bamboo, wood … are not only friendly to the environment and people, but also a material to create many beautiful and eye-catching items. The year 2020 sees an increase in interest in items made from natural materials such as rattan and bamboo and this trend will continue into 2021.

– Green tree is considered as a special home decoration with natural color, full of vitality. Not to mention, trees also help filter the air and create a sense of relaxation for people. By using forms involving plants, creating a direct relationship with nature, you will create spaces that reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity.

– Of course, these are not the only solutions, you can also use other natural ingredients to decorate your home like stone, wood, shells, straw or pictures of these elements. Natural fibers with distinctive textures and designs such as knitwear, hemp, and jute are also appreciated options. Choose from these materials for furniture or decorations such as carpets, baskets or lamps to create an oasis of relaxation in your own home. Use natural flooring: wooden floors, cork floors or bamboo floors look warm, and create a more comfortable feeling for your feet than artificial flooring materials.

Closed layout

– Throughout the year, in response to the “staying at home in the season” movement, many family members have to learn how to live together under the same roof during the day. At that time, the design of an open-plan house with interconnected and intermingled rooms began to expose the limitations due to a lack of privacy and a distraction of work. The Covid pandemic forced people to re-recognize the importance of private space. The design of special spaces for each activity will ensure the necessary privacy, helping to focus highly on work or study.

Sustainable interior
– Increased focus on sustainability is a broad trend that affects many aspects of life, including the way people decorate their homes. Consumers are now gradually turning their backs on cheap, large-sized furniture and switching to high-quality, more environmentally friendly products. As “instant noodle” fashion extends its dominance on furniture and décor, many customers still choose to shop sustainably by investing in quality items that last up to a few dozen. year.

– Home is the most important space to anyone. This is the place to relax, work, recharge, take care of your loved ones. And of course, when decorating such a meaningful space, first of all, it is necessary to follow each person’s taste as well as taste. However, if you are a design lover, like the change and ready for it, do not hesitate to apply the interior trends of 2021.


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