Hoa Binh Resort Real Estate: Comprehensive attraction of Ivory Villas & Resort

Minh Hoàng
April 24, 2021

Ivory Villas & Resort Hoa Binh is a project sought by investors thanks to possessing many outstanding potentials to become an investment destination, a destination for tourism and relaxation …

Conveniently located

– Hoa Binh province has the advantage of being the Northwest gateway and the transport infrastructure connecting throughout, just about an hour away from Hanoi, becoming the destination of large-scale resort real estate projects. As an outstanding, large-scale project in Hoa Binh province, Ivory Villas & Resort possesses many outstanding advantages to become the most outstanding investment destination in the North.

– 45 km from Hanoi, easy to move to other famous landmarks, Ivory Villas & Resort is the ideal meeting place for short-term tours. The project is highly appreciated for its location in the front of National Highway 6, convenient traffic infrastructure.

Complete legal, safe investment

– Not only has the advantage of location, Ivory Villas & Resort also scores points in the market because of its solid legal status, long-term ownership red book, promising to bring a solid source of profit to investors in the near future. .

– Phase 1 of the project has come into operation with attractive profitability. According to the representative of the project owner, the occupancy rate in phase 1 reached 70-80% during the week and 100% at the end of the week. In the context of many unpredictable changes in traditional investment channels, investing in real estate with red book is always a safe channel, bringing peace of mind to investors.

Flexible exploitation, professional operation

– All services and facilities at Ivory Villas & Resort are managed by Viet My Hotel and Resort Management Joint Stock Company, with the core of the operators from leading hotel management groups. world, 5-star quality assurance and efficient exploitation. In addition, Ivory Villas & Resort owns a flexible rental mechanism to help meet the needs of customers for short or long-term stay. With such a mechanism of operation, each villa will be optimized for its use function, thereby ensuring a stable and timely profit source for investors.

More than 100 unique gadgets with indigenous imprints

– Possessing more than 100 amenities and 5-star services blending in a unique local cultural space, Ivory Villas & Resort is sure to bring perfect travel – relaxation – health care experiences. The facilities at Ivory Villas & Resort are highly appreciated by the inheritance and promotion of indigenous cultural elements into the resort space.

BĐS nghỉ dưỡng Hòa Bình: Sức hút toàn diện của Ivory Villas & Resort - Ảnh 1.
The Japanese flower garden in four seasons is fragrant, providing a great relaxing space

– In addition to a system of 5-star modern facilities and services, the project is also invested in a culinary and cultural area of ​​the Muong kitchen, brocade street, Luong Son night market, Sunrise restaurant with bold dishes. Northwest color … to bring the Northwest cultural space closer to visitors.

– Breathe the fresh air of the mountains, enjoy 5-star service, prime location that is easy to access … Ivory Villas & Resort fully converges expensive elements for investment, is a great choice. of the wise investor.

– Glowing proudly between the mountains and forests of Hoa Binh, Ivory Villas & Resort is proud to become a new tourism icon, a unique resort paradise in Hoa Binh city, where to exchange and connect self-imprints. trenches of cultural identity and legend interwoven in the modern life breath. More than an eco-holiday resort, Ivory Villas & Resort is a natural green paradise surrounded by more than 2,000 hectares of forest, providing a peaceful space full of passion …


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