Intelligent kitchen interior samples you should not miss

Minh Hoàng
May 20, 2021
3+ mẫu nội thất nhà bếp thông minh bạn không nên bỏ qua

– The kitchen is the space that keeps the fire of love and shows the warmth of every family. Therefore, the arrangement of space and the selection of furniture also becomes more careful and attentive. With the development of modern design styles today, giving you more diverse choices. Here, Magic Furniture would like to introduce to you 3 models of smart kitchen furniture that are hot on the market.

Notes when choosing smart kitchen furniture

– Matching the space: The first thing when choosing furniture is to find the right furniture for the kitchen space. If you have a limited space in this kitchen, avoid choosing large furniture colors. That makes the kitchen become cramped, not aesthetically pleasing.

– Product material: The next note is about the product material. The use of furniture made from good and quality materials will help the product have a high durability, long-term use over time. On the market today, furniture is made from many different materials such as natural wood, industrial wood, plastic, aluminum, … Depending on your needs or costs, choose a model of kitchen furniture. suitable intelligence.

– Warranty: Furniture with a good warranty such as transportation assistance, support when the product has problems also contributes to increasing the life of the product. You need to pay attention to the warranty issue when choosing to buy furniture for the kitchen.

3 models of smart kitchen furniture should not be missed
Convenient folding dining table

– The smart folding dining table is being used by many families in the kitchen. With a foldable design, the dining table model saves kitchen space and brings convenience to users.

Bộ khung ở chính giữa tạo độ chắc chắn cho bàn
Folding dining table is convenient to use in family meals

– This smart kitchen interior folding dining table model has a central frame design to support the two side wings. The middle frame will help the table structure more solid. Also inside the frame is used as a normal desk compartment for different furniture. The four corners of the table are rounded to make the product soft and keep the user safe.

The dining table can be easily foldednoi-that-phong-bep-thong-minhThe two dining tables can be opened at will

– When you don’t need to use the dining table, you can fold the two wings down and store them in the corner of the wall. In addition, you can also use it as a stand for flower or fruit vases, which are very convenient. Another state that the folding dining table can be used is to use a table wing. With this state you can use it as a dining table for one person or a reading table.

Extended dining table

– The next smart kitchen model that Magic Furniture wants to introduce is the elongated dining table. The extended dining table model is a dining table that can be extended in length. With this smart feature, when more guests come to your home, you don’t need to worry about the dining table not having enough space.

Extended dining table makes dining more comfortable
The dining table can be extended depending on the needs of use

– The elongated dining table is made from wood with harmonious colors to help your kitchen become more aesthetic and cozy. One side of the table leg is designed as a mini cabinet. With the addition of this mini cabinet, you can store the necessary things, making the space more tidy.

When not using the dining table, just collapse the table into a standing shelf. The bottom shelf stands for storing utensils and the top can hold flower or fruit vases.

Dining table with wine cabinet

– The last smart kitchen furniture model that Magic Furniture wants to introduce dining table combined with wine cabinet. The product is designed to combine the two features of a dining table and a wine cabinet to help save more kitchen space.

The model of the dining table combined with a wine cabinet is convenient and highly aesthetic
The wine cabinet is divided into many different compartments, allowing you to display a variety of wines at will. The dining table is designed in a rectangular shape like a cabinet door suitable for the wine cabinet. The dining table can be folded into a cabinet after a meal to save space.
noi-that-phong-bep-thong-minhThe product is designed to be compact but delicate and luxurious. This smart kitchen furniture model helps the kitchen become harmonious, creating a highlight for the overall kitchen. In addition, using this product model helps you save more money when buying 2 products.


– In the above article, Magic Furniture has introduced to you 3 smart kitchen furniture models that you should not ignore. Have you chosen for yourself a smart furniture model suitable for your kitchen? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and more detailed information about these products.

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