Interior design trends in 2021

Minh Hoàng
May 18, 2021

Interior architecture is constantly changing over time, and at the same time depends on preferences, culture as well as lifestyle and social changes. So, which interior design trends in 2021 will be outstanding and impressive? Let’s learn some interior design trends with the Construction Newspaper.

Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất năm 2021

Use multi-purpose furniture

– Today, the appearance of houses with microscopic area is no longer a strange thing to everyone, especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City… the trend of using furniture. Multi-function furniture, integrating many uses in one product has gradually become popular. In 2021, this trend is forecast to continue to become the focus of attention. In addition, in modern apartments, multi-function products also bring very unique experiences to bring comfortable living space for everyone.

– Most of the furniture in the family can be combined together, two or three items in one create convenience for you such as integrating a bed, a folding dining table into a shelf or a bed. there are drawers for storage … not only meet the needs of use, but these items also help save maximum space, giving you more free space for other tasks.

Simple, modern style

Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất năm 2021

– No longer aiming for stylish, sophisticated classical or neoclassical styles. Interior design trends in the past few years are moving towards modern and simple.

– Resonating with modern exterior trends, modern interior design trends have similar characteristics in terms of simplicity in cubic layout, space, ground organization, etc., eliminating the use of textures in the interior. decorate. With modern interior design style, not only saves space but also saves materials. Therefore, the trend of modern and simple interior design will surely be favored by many homeowners in the future.

Trends of using industrial wood furniture

Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất năm 2021

– Replacing natural wood lines which are increasingly rare and expensive, industrial wood is now intelligently treated with many outstanding features to make furniture. Industrial wood furniture not only meets a variety of design styles but also helps to make the house space luxurious but no less close to nature.

Bringing nature into living space

Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất năm 2021

– Along with responding to the movement of environmental protection and global warming, the use of environmentally friendly materials, green living space is also an inspiration that is expected to take the throne in 2021. With less and less land for green spaces, the use of trees and flowers to become decorative items in the house is really an idea chosen by many people.

– By interweaving elements such as indoor plants, small flower gardens on the balcony… your living space will become fresher and fresher, and also create a very beautiful interior feng shui. for the house. This interior design trend is especially strongly applied in today’s apartments.

Interested in kitchen furniture

Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất năm 2021

– Years ago, the kitchen was an extra space and little attention was paid to the owner. However, current design trends are increasingly focusing on this area, even in many designs, the kitchen becomes the central area of the house. The kitchen space is designed with thoughtful furniture and meets all the needs of the family, not only a cooking area but also a place where the whole family gathers and gathers after a long day of work.

Open design trends

Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất năm 2021

– Currently, the trend of open design, connecting spaces together is very popular. The division of space into different rooms but still connected to each other creates ventilation and comfort for the house.

– Items that can be used as partitions such as bookcases, glass doors, or trees… Connecting living spaces together will help expand the area, making the house more spacious and airy. This design trend is especially suitable for families with a small area.
Source: Báo Xây Dựng

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