Main interior design trends in 2021 in the world

Minh Hoàng
May 14, 2021
Các xu hướng thiết kế nội thất chủ đạo năm 2021 trên thế giới - Nội thất Đê  La Thành

– Interior design trends in 2020 have not been fully expressed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It directly affects the construction of works, the import and export of furniture, purchasing power… In this article , De La Thanh Furniture will help you find the answer to the interior trends of 2021 by synthesizing interviews from leading interior experts from Japan, Korea, the United States and Europe. The article has the following main sections:

What are the main interior trends of 2021 according to world designers?
What are the colors in the interior design style of 2021?
What are the interior decoration trends of 2021?
Materials used for interior design trends 2021?
Many people ask what interior trends are. The answer to this question is not difficult. “Trend” is a word used to refer to an ongoing or upcoming trend that the majority of the population follows or responds to. Interior trends are not so simple. It is also the public orientation of experts specialized in fine arts, architecture, interior… through research and crowd survey. Following interior trends, users can find their own designs or find trendy products that do not fall out of fashion with the global trend. This article introduces details about interior design trends in 2021, including trends in colors, materials, design styles…

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1. Color in interior design trends in 2021
2. Materials used in interior design trends 2021
2.1 Wood materials
2.2 Metal in interior design
2.3 Other ingredients
3. interior design trends 2021
3.1 Industrial style – modern
3.2 Care for small details
3.3 Trends of closeness to nature – environment
3.4 Smart interior
3.5 Elements of luxury and comfort
4. Future interior trends

  1. Conclusion
    Colors in interior design trends in 2021
    What colors will be considered trendy in 2021 when decorating living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms?

– Research shows that color directly affects people’s mood. Bright interior colors help people have a good mood, positive thinking. People with a playful personality still choose to buy furniture products with bright colors. Warm colors create a cozy feeling for the house. In general, in 2021, the main colors for the interior are gentle, soothing tones that create relaxation and comfort for spaces in Asian countries. European interiors inspired by Scandinavian style will choose dark purple (ultra violet) as one of the main colors. However, the ultra violet color gamut is difficult to use alone. It will be combined with pastel shades of pink, terracotta, honey yellow, mustard, green and blue (or blue-gray-green).

Materials used in interior design trends 2021

Wood material

– Wood is still the dominant material and the soul for most interior designs. It is no coincidence that humans use wood for most of the things related to their homes. Simply because wood is easy to find, warm in winter, cool in summer. Wood can be used to make any furniture product with any difficulty. Wood combined with paint creates any color product you desire.

– According to the general trend, natural wood is used less and less than industrial wood. The Covid 19 epidemic directly affected the import and export of wood. Countries that do not have natural wood sources have produced their own industrial wood sources locally by producing industrial wood panels from recycled materials of natural origin. Obviously, engineered wood is more environmentally friendly than natural wood. Industrial wood products are cheaper, still one of the main materials used for interior design in 2021.

– From Scandinavian inspiration, light wood will be the trending material for the interior. This material is used not only for flooring, but also for wall and ceiling cladding. Light wood with raw color and aesthetic will be the highlight for the multi-purpose space. Being close to nature and awakening the touch is the trend for the interior of 2021.

Metal in interior design

– Metal used in the interior is not only for practicality but it is also related to technique and style. If before this material was mainly found in bathrooms and kitchens, now it is used everywhere. Warm metals like brass and brass are still very popular with designers. Metallic lamps combine perfectly with marble, glass and concrete, and coffee tables and chairs will look advantageous when surrounded by velvet furniture and dark brown wood.

– All kinds of ferrous metal coatings are quickly becoming stylish. Serious and elegant, this color matches perfectly with any interior and gives the room a sculptural graphic.

– Metal will also be combined with wood to make the product more durable. Metal table legs, stainless steel sofa legs … are still the general trend for interior in 2021.

Other ingredients

– Since many years, natural materials have not lost their relevance. Wood, glass, stone and metal still squeeze eco-friendly plastic from the interior, and synthetic fabrics in upholstery and trim are replaced with natural fabrics. Especially popular this season are unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, live plants, pottery and wicker furniture.

– The demand for natural materials is increasing day by day. Designers try to find increasingly complex and sophisticated combinations of different textures. For example, it can be wood interspersed with quartz stone or marble, ceramics with concrete and metal.

Interior design trends 2021

Industrial style – modern

– Modern-industrial interior style is an aesthetic trend that became popular in the late 2000s with weathered wooden, concrete and metal lighting fixtures.

– This direction reflects the development of technology in the modern world. In the interior of high-tech, the main place is used by highly functional convertible furniture, as well as a large number of household appliances.

Care for the little details

– The attention of designers will focus not only on the general style of the interior, but also on its smallest details. This can be a special stitch of textiles, furniture accessories with a bright shine, pronounced details on the seconds band. Such an addition makes the space more interesting, gives it personality.

The trend of being close to nature – environment

– Decorative elements that reflect the species in nature are also emphasized. Images of animals, birds, and flowers appear more and more in modern urban interiors. Vivid tropical motifs and a strong floral print, which won’t leave the walls and decor elements this year, will remain hot in 2021.

– Most of us want to stay away from anything artificial, unnatural. People are increasingly trying to approach nature, where there is no stress and pressure of the modern world. In 2021, wood materials, natural shades and an abundance of living plants will be interwoven. In interior design, it is necessary to adhere to the principles between usability and aesthetics of space.

Smart Furniture

– Smart interior trends 2021 is still a topic of interest. Unlike Vietnam, residents of cities around the world mostly live in apartments. The limited space and area of ​​the apartments make more and more smart furniture products created. A bed that can be turned into a wardrobe. A desk that can be turned into a dining table … This will also be one of the apartment interior trends, modern furniture in 2021.

– Smart furniture products “soul” are also popular. It can move instead of lying still. Products like this awaken your sense of touch. Modern life is increasingly associated with smart elements. Either way, it still has to be of high artistic standard and in harmony with nature.

Elements of luxury and comfort

– Interior products with rounded corners are one of the interior trends of 2021.

– Conditional families will choose for themselves products with leather, felt, and soft foam inside. Trends of luxury and richness are evident when it comes to soft seats – sofas, armchairs – they are all big, soft and wrap the body in velvet and round shapes. Designers often combine them with marble coatings and surfaces, glass structures and furniture, and aristocratic non-ferrous metals: brass, bronze, silver or glossy gold.

Future interior trends

– The so-called modern style in the interior is gradually changing. The trends of 2021 refer to us elegant luxury with art deco elements of the 20s of the last century. Personalization elements in the design are the second most important: symmetrical space organization, gilded details, noble colors, many mirrors. The interior design sophistication of the 20s of the last century co-exists comfortably with classic pieces, in stark contrast to the minimalism of the modern style.


– Everyone has their own preferences, so does the preference for furniture. Interior designers, in addition to sticking to the general trend, should not ignore the preferences, personality, and purpose of the homeowner when consulting interior design. In his home, a person wants to feel maximum comfort. The interior of your dreams can be realized by choosing the right furniture, materials, finishes and colors. Unusual design decisions will help you make the room interesting. After correctly arranging these objects, you can create such a space that will delight and amaze you with its luxurious and unsurpassed style.

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