Mong Cai real estate transformed with border gate economic zone

Minh Hoàng
April 27, 2021
A Corner of Cat Ba Island District Center

– The reason is that in the past 5 years Hai Phong has made a spectacular breakthrough in infrastructure. Entering the year 2021, Hai Phong has changed more clearly and strongly with hundreds of projects “scheduled” specifically, expected to be deployed in the next five and five years.
This is a very new and drastic way of Hai Phong to realize the determination to bring Hai Phong back to the “race track” with other provinces and cities after a quiet period.

– There are plans to build large infrastructure such as Northern Song Ban urban area, building 100 more bridges, removing old dormitories to replace with high-rise apartment buildings, vigorously implementing the program. new model rural communes, expanding urban urban space in 3 axes (Cat Hai, Thuy Nguyen and Do Son axes) …

– These positive changes have brought a “new vitality” to the real estate market in each area of ​​Hai Phong. Can pass through as the area facing Duong Kinh district, Kien Thuy. This is inherently a low-priced real estate sector that is stably low-priced because it is considered a “hidden” area in the urban space.

– However, in early 2021, with Hai Phong studying the project of a road connecting Rao 3 bridge (expected) to Do Son district to realize the expansion of Hai Phong urban space in the south along the provincial road. 353. Along with that, Vingroup Group conducted a survey to invest in an urban area along this new route located in two areas of Duong Kinh and Kien Thuy districts, causing real estate in this area to heat up.

– Mr. Le Quoc Hung, Director of Hung Thinh Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company (address 325, Pham Van Dong, Duong Kinh District), the unit specializes in trading real estate products in An Duong, Kien Thuy share, in 2021, real estate in Duong Kinh district and Kien Thuy district increased sharply due to investment in infrastructure in the coming time.

– For Duong Kinh district, the price increase is currently at 30-50%, while Kien Thuy, although only a district, the price increase is similar. Because infrastructure projects are still in the process of being deployed, real estate prices have not shown signs of cooling down.

– Like Duong Kinh and Kien Thuy areas, two of the three axes of urban space development of Hai Phong are planned and are being implemented by many projects, namely Northern Song Cam Urban Area (Thuy Nguyen District) and Cat District. Hai is also experiencing an increase in real estate prices.

– The hottest “hot” in Hai Phong today must include the Prohibited North River Urban Area. In the past 5 years, the North Ban River Urban Area has been a key project of Hai Phong with a priority investment of up to thousands of billion VND to establish infrastructure to move the administrative center of Hai Phong city. and population expansion in the old urban core zone.

– The project has turned a large area of ​​the countryside in Thuy Nguyen district, separated by the rivers, into future inner-city land, causing land prices to rise “gallantly”. Not stopping there, in 2021, Hai Phong continued to ask the central government for a roadmap towards recognizing Thuy Nguyen as a city directly under Hai Phong city. Facing those changes, Thuy Nguyen real estate continues to have new price increases.

– Mr. Hoang Ngoc Vung, Director of branch 15 – Investment Joint Stock Company of Thuan Thanh Real Estate Group (address Tan Duong, Thuy Nguyen district) said, Thuy Nguyen is currently focused on investment by the city. Along with that, Thuy Nguyen has a strong geopolitical position, so the real estate in the region has skyrocketed. The amplitude of the increase in real estate in the region is at a high level.

– There are many areas that used to be a land of no value, but now there are many axes of million VND / m2. Currently, through Hoang Ngoc Vung’s transaction center, not only local people participate in trading, but also attracts many investors from other localities.

– Along with Thuy Nguyen, Cat Hai real estate also increased strongly when the Cat Hai island area was invested in infrastructure and Cat Ba Island was identified as a tourist focus of Hai Phong with the future as a popular tourist island. smart, environmentally friendly.

– Along with that is the strong investment commitment of Sun Group with overall projects that completely change this island district. Currently, SunGroup has completed the investment of a 4km-long cable car system connecting the two communes of Dong Bai and Phu Long communes in the district.

– According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh – Chairman of Hai Phong Real Estate Association, with the breakthrough infrastructure invested by Hai Phong in recent years, it is very normal that real estate price increases. In the coming time, with specific and detailed plans with a widely publicized roadmap for further investment in the construction of infrastructure of the city, the “hot” real estate is still not difficult. to see.

– However, real estate buyers and sellers should be careful not to buy and sell according to the psychology of the crowd. In some projects, it is necessary to carefully study the legality of the project to avoid buying products with insufficient documents as prescribed.


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