Real estate market in 2021: Potential and opportunities for eco real estate

Minh Hoàng
April 16, 2021
Bất chấp Covid-19, bất động sản vẫn là kênh được giới đầu tư lựa chọn.

– The positive indicators of the economy in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 and the reforms of state policies all indicate that 2021 will be a favorable year in all aspects of the Vietnamese economy in general and the market. real estate in particular.

– Real estate market: Forcing the positive scenario

– It can be said that 2020 is the “nightmare” of the world economy under the sweep of the Covid-19 pandemic. The global economy fell into a serious recession, Wall Street analysts assessed that the pandemic caused the global GDP to lose at least more than $ 5,000 billion.

– However, actual developments last year showed that the Vietnamese economy in general and the real estate market in particular still achieved remarkable achievements. Vietnam maintains a stable economy and a positive growth rate. In the Asia-Pacific region, there are only three countries with positive growth: China, New Zealand and Vietnam.

– Along with the growth of the whole economy, the real estate sector also recorded positive signs. According to Dr. Le Duy Binh – Managing Director of Economica Vietnam: “This growth, apart from being directly supported by public investment and maintained import-export activities, is also an important contribution from FDI. . In 2020, FDI will continue to pour into Vietnam with the figure of nearly 29 billion USD; The real estate industry alone accounts for about 3.8 billion USD, equivalent to 14.8% – this proportion in both absolute and relative terms increases compared to 2020 ”.

Thị trường bất động sản năm 2021: Tiềm năng và cơ hội cho BĐS sinh thái -0
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At the seminar “Real Estate Market Prospects 2021”, leading experts said, 2021 is a good year for real estate in all aspects.

– In particular, tax issues for businesses investing in real estate (real estate), credit policies, disbursement have noticeable changes, notably the commitment to disburse up to 157 trillion in four months. According to experts, 2021 is one of the very generous credit years for the real estate market.

Regarding public investment, active disbursement policies for infrastructure projects are promoted in order to boost the economy while completing the public investment plan.

– Speaking at the seminar “Prospects of the real estate market 2021”, Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Kim Chung – Deputy Director of CIEM Central Institute of Economic Management said: “Clearly, with the real situation In fact, Vietnam is still a very favorable country in all aspects. The implementation of the comprehensive change policy is very good for the economy in general and the real estate sector in particular. In which, real estate is very convenient because 2021 is the first year of the plan. The approval of a series of infrastructure projects is extremely motivating for real estate ”.

– Real estate east of Ho Chi Minh City took the throne

– Commenting on the trend of real estate investment in 2021, Dr. Su Ngoc Khuong – Senior Director of Savills Vietnam said that the supply of the central real estate market is very limited along with investment policies in infrastructure. Investors’ “pouring appetite” has a strong shift. Previously, the most prominent southern market was the inner city of Saigon, in the past year, satellite towns such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An … have strongly risen.

– In the trend of Vietnam emerging as a new manufacturing hub in the global supply chain, satellite urban areas such as Dong Nai with a large land bank and the advantage of connecting infrastructure automatically become the ideal choice for industrial real estate and housing needs for professionals or those involved in this manufacturing process.

Thị trường bất động sản năm 2021: Tiềm năng và cơ hội cho BĐS sinh thái -0
Connecting infrastructure creates a great advantage for real estate east of Ho Chi Minh City.

– Increasingly complete infrastructure in the direction of increasing regional connectivity is one of the important factors creating great attraction for the neighboring cities of Ho Chi Minh City. Typically, the eastern area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City with a series of positive information about infrastructure planning in early 2021 such as the establishment of Thu Duc city, Long Thanh international airport officially commenced; Phan Thiet airport started construction in early April… pushed housing in this area to a record price.

– Commenting on this attraction, Mr. Tran Kim Chung said: “For large infrastructure projects like Long Thanh airport, Vietnam has to do it only once every 30-50 years, so it does not simply affect Vietnam, but also has an impact on the East – South Asia region because it will compete with Changi, Seoul, Kansai airports … Therefore, it is easy to understand when real estate investors must immediately seize the opportunity for decades. only this once ”.

– From the perspective of supply, it can be seen that the Covid-19 pandemic is a risk but also an opportunity for the real estate market. Coping with risks, many real estate companies have changed their product development strategies. Units with good fundamentals, diversified product portfolios, and real estate buyers have more chances to prevail.

Thị trường bất động sản năm 2021: Tiềm năng và cơ hội cho BĐS sinh thái -0
Introduced to the market from the end of 2020, Phuong Hoang Island Urban made a strong impression with its unique planning and immediately became the center of investment attraction in the east of Ho Chi Minh City.

– In fact, the real estate market has received many large-scale projects, with unique product lines such as smart eco-urban areas, island cities … Typically, the Phuong Hoang island urban area belongs to the project. Aqua City smart eco-city developed by Novaland Group.

– Phuong Hoang Island is located in a prime location, four sides surrounded by the natural river system, the land in the shape of phoenix birds with the methodical planning to embellish and maximize the natural elements towards creating quality, comfortable and private green living space for modern community.

– Obviously, the positive product deployment activities of investors, large incentive policies, potential products at strategic locations … have created promising motivations to continue promoting. pushing the breakthrough of urban real estate this year.

– From April 1, 2021, Aqua City applies a special promotion program: the initial capital is only VND 820 million, payment of 30% of the product value until receiving the house, donating check worth VND 100 million, incentives preferential treatment up to 80 million VND for Novaland shareholders and many other attractive support policies.

– To capture attractive investment opportunities or find a prosperous ecological living space in the urban area of ​​Phuong Hoang, please visit website or call hotline 0943797979 for detailed advice…