The most attractive design trends in 2021 according to the leading interior architects

Minh Hoàng
April 28, 2021

– Năm 2020 với những ảnh hưởng của dịch bệnh hoành hành trên khắp thế giới đã kéo theo nhiều thay đổi to lớn về đời sống sinh hoạt của con người. Cũng từ tác động to lớn này mà xã hội đã hình thành nên xu hướng sinh hoạt, làm việc mới: dành thời gian ở nhà nhiều hơn. Điều đó hẳn nhiên sẽ còn tiếp tục trong thời gian tới và nó cũng đồng nghĩa với việc đã đến lúc chúng ta nên quan tâm nhiều hơn đến không gian sống của mình.

– Although the trend of building design is always innovative and changing, the global pandemic has made architects focus more on two main themes: Building a space with many convenient functions and aiming to create a sense of peace and joy for the living space, no matter how much fluctuations the world out there is. Here are some helpful comments from five interior design experts on how the pandemic has shaped our lifestyles and the new design trends to look forward to in 2021.

  1. Turn green for the house

– The classic blue has been dubbed the “Pantone” color of the year 2020 and renowned interior designer Vikki Long says blue will continue to “keep its style” in the 2021 design trend. Definitely we can expect to see a lot of navy blues in the past year. However, you also need to be careful using the right shade, too much blue will easily cause boredom. And for balance, Long recommends adding bright tones, such as yellow or yellow tones.

– Blue is loved because when you paint your walls in a gentle color like blue, your room will instantly be transformed into a place to relax and chill out, the designer explained. As architect Long said: “Because you are spending most of your time at home, you definitely just want the most comfortable space.”

  1. Light up the space
    – For designer Michelle Martel, the year 2021 will focus on bringing as much natural light into the home as possible, especially during the winter months. So boldly open the windows and take away the thick curtains that replace the light curtains or the light-through fabric curtains, even the simplest is to have the ceiling windows to fully catch. bright sun. “It’s an easy and quick way to bring light and make the space much more comfortable,” says Martel. And absolutely perfect if the design of your house has a sky well ”.

– Becoming a trend that is loved by architects because bringing natural light brings many health benefits for people. And because we don’t go out often due to social disruptions, filling your home with sunlight becomes more important than ever.

3. Plant trees indoors

– If you already have abundant natural light from the windows, there is no reason why you should not turn your house into a green paradise. Interior designer Alvin Wayne said that in the past, imitation plants were popular with home décor, but this year you should plant real trees.

– “Because everyone is limited at home, just small things like taking care of plants are enough to bring you joy. Plants are things that you can take care of and they calm your mind, help you get rid of all of your thoughts … One thing is for sure, that the tendency to use plants is more beneficial. Much more than a decorative tree, ”says Alvin Wayne.

– One thing can be said that trees make any space more beautiful. At the same time, they play a role in positively impacting your health by purifying the air, and even helping to improve your mood. Therefore, the trend of planting many ornamental plants for the house becomes a favorite trend in the near future.

  1. Change the formal rooms with the new workspace
    – As mentioned above, the modern design trend today focuses more on the function of the room, meaning that instead of using the formal living room and dining room, you try to turn it into a new workspace. at home, or where your kids can do school assignments or even open up the living room where you can relax.

– Interior designer Natalie Papie thinks the idea of ​​a luxurious space is now in a different direction. And Natalie also really wants those spaces to be useful, at the same time reflect their personality and bring about a happier and more comfortable overall feeling. This has become a favorite design trend because this is an opportunity for people to create a space entirely of their own.

  1. Use multi-functional furniture
    – When people spend most of their time at home, everyone starts to pay attention to the space they live in, which might be because they were too busy with outside work and neglected to take care of it. In the choice of home interior, beauty is the top criterion, but utility and multifunctional are equally important. Designer Wayne shares that: “Choosing furniture for the house or renewing appliances will be a wise choice if you choose multi-purpose furniture”. For example, save space with a folding table, or like Wayne opting for his apartment with a desk with a built-in desk, perhaps stretching, or decorating his lovely home. me.

– The reason is that this trend is loved by home addicts because the versatile furniture is an important factor, changing the modern life of everyone, especially for those living in a house. cramped house or apartment.

  1. The trend of using natural interior details
    – When it comes to materials and styling, Wayne says interior details coming in 2021 are all oriented towards natural elements. Earth tones, terracotta flower pots, marble coffee tables and wooden furniture … are all popular next year. All these interiors, if combined together, will create a seamless, warm texture for the room, helping the owner of the house feel more comfortable, rustic and calm.

– The reason for this trend is very popular because it makes the space become neat, simple but very luxurious and sophisticated. In particular, that rustic, delicate effect will increase many times if you know how to use fabric to décor the house. In addition, interior designer Oksana Kreiman recommends adding a leather pillow, a faux fur coat or a pillow or knitted bag to the room for added softness and coziness.

  1. Warmth
    – Make this part of your 2021 self-care routine: surround yourself with the things you love. Architect Papier said that it is time to give up monochromaticism, and instead build the room with artistic accessories, such as sculptures, art knitting tools, … and it is. must match your preferences and personality. But please note one important thing, you need to arrange the room neat, cozy and suitable, because the art of the display interior has no room for clutter.

– “You feel like you’re in a cozy little corner and don’t have a lot of sparse space, that will make people feel like they’re given a warm hug when they walk in,” says Papier. room”

  1. Prioritize storage furniture
    – Although prioritizing the surrounding things to be the things that make you happy, there is also a disadvantage that is difficult to avoid the clutter of furniture. However, the solution to this problem is quite simple, and when choosing a versatile furniture, think about giving it a suitable storage space.

– That will help you a lot in organizing your storage without worrying about clutter in the room. This design trend will help you comfortably play or read, or work in your home. That is also the reason why this design trend is so popular.

  1. 2021 – The return of the wallpaper
    – Wallpaper has gained in popularity in recent years, interior designers say it will return in full by 2021. You can use wallpaper to create an impressive, painted wall. colorful background for cabinets,… Small tip gives you a very unique idea from Designer Long: use wallpaper on the ceiling to add size and excitement to your room.

– The reason this trend is hot back is because the wallpaper is peeled – paste, which is absolutely a great decorative option for tenants and those who like to change their spaces regularly. “You can put it on like a giant sticker and when you get tired of it, want to change your style, you can take it down and replace it,” says Wayne.

  1. Add unique colors
    – For homes with mellow tones (especially blue), you should find unique ways to add color accents and make your space more cheerful. Martel recommends incorporating yellow chairs for the room; or even add colorful wallpaper to a piece of furniture like a bookshelf.

– This trend has become a hot trend because these unexpected, fun color highlights help you express your personality and creative aesthetic in interior design. And most importantly, it can foster a sense of well-being at home.

  1. Break your space
    – In recent years, the design of the enclosed space, separating each utility has become completely “disgraced” but instead is the open design with many unique projects, expanding for the apartment space. However, 2021 could reverse that trend. With the entire family being affected by closed offices and schools for a while, the structure of the open spaces that opens the house makes it difficult for people to be productive while the entire family is together. at home. “Now that we have to deal with the fact that we also have to use our home as a workspace, we have to take that into account and create the best for the interior,” says Kreiman. Function is just as important as aesthetics ”.

– That explains why the trend that separates space is crowned. But before you start planning a full-scale renovation, you should consider it carefully, because separating doesn’t mean you have to start sticking walls. In fact, this is simpler than you should zoning the house so that everyone has a certain place to work and study. And if all else fails, invest in rooming.

  1. Focus on kitchen design
    – These days, creativity in the kitchen (interior design) is a big trend everywhere. We can learn from European-inspired kitchen designs, says Kreiman. Replace conventional upper cabinets with open shelves, or use traditional wine racks as a unique storage system. “The kitchen is becoming the ‘heart of the house’ and in some cases is considered art,” she said.

– When you combine new, sleek furniture with black and green motifs, you have a truly impressive kitchen. “People are a little tired of the colors white and gray,” said Kreiman. But we will see more about a unique, stylish approach to kitchen cabinet design. ”

  1. Decorated with graphic arts
    – By 2021, people are paying more attention to how artwork can mount a room. Interior designer Long says one particular trend is constantly emerging: the art of drawing bold, graphic facial lines. Whether it’s on canvas, print, pillow or even cup, these faces make the space completely cool.

– Although newly appeared, but this trend is increasingly popular and popular. Because it is accessible to everyone. You can order it on social media sites or you can even draw your own piece and frame it yourself.

  1. Grandmillenial style
    – While most people tend to opt for modern interior designs, a new reverse trend is rekindled in 2021. Coming here, we will see more and more people prefer to choose styles. “Granny chic” design. This is reflected in the selection of vintage velvet, brass and patterned furniture. Basically, Papier said, this is a combination of things that look like coming from your grandmother’s house.

– The reason it is so popular is that the Granny chic is a fun and enduring way to create style. You can find a lot of items at vintage shops.

(Source: Thespruce)

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