What are Penthouses?

Minh Hoàng
April 8, 2021

Design characteristics of Penthouses.

Penthouse are apartments located on the top floor of a high-end building and do not have to be flats. This concept appeared from the 20s – 30s of the twentieth century, the first recorded apartment is located on the rooftop of the hotel with a sweeping view of Central Park of New York, which attracted the attention of the market. real estate America and the world.                                                                                                                               

Initially, Penthouses was a concept in architecture used to refer to the structural part that lies on the roof of a building and has walls surrounding it but does not occupy the entire area.

Interior design architects realize that the roof-top space is very airy and can be used to create a unique space, from there, the apartment uses the roof-top space called Penthouses.

Penthouse has an open space design, connecting except for private space, wide view, beautiful view, porch is often designed with large arches, surrounded by large balconies.

Penthouses are located in the rooftop location, depending on the design, there will be one or more apartments, but all of them have large and airy interior spaces.                                        

Design high ceilings, with balconies along the house, often designed with tempered glass to create openness for the space. Some are also designed to enter the house with a private elevator, not with residents in the building.

The layout of Penthouses is airy, the windows are usually large glass panels, creating a beautiful view of the surrounding space.                       

  Penthouses are designed with open, common rooms together, minimizing partitions, creating ventilation.- In terms of interior, Penthouse apartments are often equipped in advance, designed and installed separately with high-end and luxury furniture for the upper class.

Standards of a Penthouses apartment.

With a high price, a standard Penthouse must have the following requirements:

Located at the highest position of the building, the Penthouse with a beautiful, unobstructed view is not necessarily a penthouses apartment but usually has at least 2 floors or more, with a moving ladder located inside the apartment.

Penthouse apartments must have high ceilings, glass windows to help expand the space and make the most of natural light,

There is a large terrace, balcony surrounding the apartment, and outdoor relaxation space.

The inside of the apartment minimizes the partition to create an airy and spacious space.

The main bedroom is large with a beautiful view, connected to rooms such as dressing room, bathroom, dressing room .. – Furniture is equipped with modern, high-class furniture.

Why do many people prefer Penthouses?

The rich, the upper class are willing to pay high prices to stay in luxury Penthouses apartments, enjoy all luxurious amenities, highest level, and demonstrate their level: – Minimize air pollution entering the house from outside such as dust, odors and noise pollution because Penthouses apartments are located on high floors, the air is very fresh, quiet and has a good source of light. nature.

Possessing a beautiful and spacious view

Safe and secure with separate living space, private entrance

High-class utility system, meeting all needs

However, the price of Penthouses apartments is usually very high, the number of apartments is limited, making it difficult to buy a tisfactory apartment. In addition, lying on a high floor so it is easy to be affected by the weather, …

SOURCE: cafeland

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