What is the 2021 interior design trend that will take the throne?

Minh Hoàng
May 3, 2021

1. Phong cách công nghiệp

– Phong cách công nghiệp được hiểu đơn giản là sử dụng những vật liệu thô sơ, mộc mạc nhằm gợi nhớ đến không gian sản xuất công nghiệp thời kỳ hưng thịnh. Điểm nhấn chính của phong cách này là những vật liệu thô, đơn giản làm toát lên vẻ đẹp mạnh mẽ, khỏe khoắn của nội thất.

  • Không gian mở sẽ là cách bố trí tối ưu cho phong cách này. Bạn có thể tạo được cảm giác rộng lớn ngay cả trong không gian nhỏ bằng cách chỉnh sửa số phòng có trong không gian đó, giữ cửa sổ trần và đơn giản hóa nội thất trong phòng.
mẫu phong cách thiết kế nội thất 2019
Industrial style with strong, impressive design
các xu hướng thiết kế nội thất 2019
Neutral color tones contribute to the luxurious and delicate beauty of the house
  1. Velvet upholstery
    – Although the velvet-wrapped style was once considered outdated, like in many other markets, the trends and trends are constantly changing. Therefore, now velvet upholstery has gradually regained its inherent position and is expected to become a phenomenon in 2021 in interior design.
    – Velvet upholstery items with gorgeous beauty and renovated elegance and class are the perfect choice for the living room space of your 90m2 apartment interior design. In addition, they can also be used in the design of high-end office furniture. There are many diverse colors for you to have many choices such as magenta, pink, gray, oily yellow, …
xu hướng thiết kế nội thất hot
Improved velvet interior with strong attraction (Image source: Housedesign)
xu hướng trang trí thiết kế nội thất đẹp
Using blue tones makes the space more lively and comfortable (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Golden bronze iridescent furniture

– Metallic bronze-gold items are expected to continue to maintain their position, just decorate small and beautiful objects with metallic shells such as flower vases, souvenirs, lights, etc. you have become luxurious, classy but no less sophisticated.
– The highlight that helps this style get so much popularity is that it is suitable for many interior spaces such as interior design for tube houses, interior design of townhouses, restaurant interior designs. All will become attractive with metallic coated objects.

thiết kế nội thất xu hướng 2020
Copper-gold iridescence creates a highlight for the room (source: Housedesign)
xu hướng thiết kế nội thất 2020
Extremely luxurious space with copper-gold decorative items (Photo source: Housedesign)
  1. House trends in the garden – botanical garden
    – Never before have the natural elements been applied to the design of modern interior style of houses as today, experts also predict that this style will develop even more strongly in the future. In addition, modern office interior design is also a popular trend today.
    The purpose of this style is to green a corner of the house, bring the breath of nature into the space to bring comfort and relaxation to the homeowner. Besides, bringing natural elements into the interior also helps improve the health of family members.
các xu hướng nội thất của năm 2019
Green the house with the Botanical garden design (Photo source: Housedesign)c
các xu hướng thiết kế nội thất trong tương lai
Incorporating nature into interior design (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Geometric graphics in decoration
    – Geometric graphics have been around for a while and it is expected to become a trend in 2021. This trend will directly affect the choice of carpets, gas, curtains, wallpaper, …
mẫu xu hướng đồ nội thất 2019
New, impressive design when applying geometry in interior design (Image source: Housedesign)
thiết kế theo xu hướng nội thất 2019
Geometric graphic trends in interior design styles 2021 (Image source: Housedesign)
các phong cách thiết kế nội thất 2019
Geometric trends in the office (Image source: Housedesign)

– In addition, you can read more about the most prominent office interior design trends last year!

  1. Use wallpaper
    – The hottest trend in 2021 is likely to be wallpaper, wallpapers that bring a lively, fresh look to the house. In addition, you can freely customize your home with an economic and trendy wallpaper. Today’s wallpaper types are also resistant to moisture and mold.
xu hướng thiết kế nội thất 2020 sang trọng
Wallpaper helps the space become impressive and unique (Image source: Housedesign)
những xu hướng thiết kế nội thất
Creative freedom with wallpaper (Image source: Housedesign)
một số xu hướng trang trí thiết kế nội thất
Wallpaper that highlights the family living room (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Use bare cement and retro bricks
    – The combination of ceiling cement and retro bricks has had a strong effect over the past year and the possibility that it will destroy every corner next year is quite possible.
    – With a strong and robust design, it will bring a new breeze to your interior design. Besides, the use of raw materials and wood is very much interested by people. Especially in the interior design of the 70m2 apartment building, using wooden furniture helps create a gentle and close space.
xu hướng phong cách thiết kế sang trọng
The new design brings a stylish, luxurious beauty to the room (Photo source: Housedesign)
phong cách thiết kế nội thất 2020 đẹp
Using retro bricks brings a new wind to interior space (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Vintage Nostalgic Bathrooms
    – If before, the bathroom was a place that was less decorated, updated trends like the rest, now vintage style will bring nostalgic beauty but no less fresh, modern when combined with multifunctional items and equipment in the bathroom. You should not miss this trendy style.
xu hướng thiết kế nội thất đẹp
The bathroom has a very luxurious vintage style (Photo source: Housedesign)
xu hướng thiết kế nội thất 2020 nổi bật
Vintage style helps to relax during the shower (Image source: Housedesign)

– In addition, you can also refer to more vintage styles in clothing shop interior design.

  1. Use dark colors for the kitchen
    – The trend of using dark colors for the kitchen is becoming more popular than ever, especially black and navy. Your kitchen will look luxurious and delicate, contributing to the inspiration of cooking for anyone standing here.
phòng bếp thiết kế nội thất theo xu hướng
Dark colors are and will be extremely popular in the future (Image source: Housedesign)
thiết kế nội thất phòng bếp theo xu hướng
Dark colors help to bring out the elegance of the kitchen (Photo source: Housedesign)
  1. Use decorative constellations
    – The design inspired by the constellations, the zodiac patterns, astronomy, .. has created a fever in the interior design world. The unique idea but brings a fresh and lively look to the house is the favorite of many people.
    This style of showcasing sophistication and generosity is said to set a trend for many years.
nội thất phong cách theo xu hướng
The design brings a fresh, youthful look to the room
nội thất theo xu hướng cho phòng ăn
The stars are in front of your eyes (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Crittal style
    – Sharpness and flexibility are what we feel about this style, fragile lines but not fragile have “captivated” many people when appearing for the first time in the interior design world. This style can be easily seen in windows, walls or doors, …
phong cách thiết kế 2020
The modern crittal style is extremely attractive (Image source: Housedesign)
các phong cách thiết kế nội thất theo xu hướng năm nay
Delicate and attractive crittal style (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Nude color interior trend
    – In recent years, the warm and deep tones have created a strong effect and gradually become the most popular trend today. The design that brings warmth and friendliness to everyone will continue to be a popular trend in the future.
xu hướng nội thất đang hot hiện nay
Very warm and peaceful space with nude color furniture (Photo source: Housedesign)
phòng khách thiết kế theo xu hướng 2020
Nude color interior details bring a subtle and elegant beauty (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Caramel color tone
    – Tone colors bring warm and sweet autumn colors, it is not difficult to understand when this style receives so much attention. It will be extremely impressive to use caramel tones in the interior design of the living room or dining room.
trang trí theo xu hướng nội thất 2020
Caramel colors are expected to become a hot trend in 2021 (Image source: Housedesign)
phòng khách bố trí theo xu hướng nội thất
Attractive and extremely attractive are words used to describe the caramel interior style (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Nomadic interior trends
    – When hearing this trend, people often think that this style is only in the Indian tribe, but this trend has been applied in interior design and becomes more and more popular. This will be the style that you should try, a new and unique feature will create a perfect highlight for your home space.
Phong cách thiết kế theo xu hướng 2020
Nomadic design style is promised to cause storms in 2021 (Image source: Housedesign)
phong cách thiết kế nội thất 2020
Impressive, energetic and lively design of nomadic design style (Photo source: Housedesign)
  1. The trend of colorful interior decoration with striking colors interwoven will create a vivid beauty, full of vitality for your interior.
xu hướng thiết kế nội thất frida kahla
Colorful interior with FRIDA KAHLO style (Image source: Housedesign)
phong cách thiết kế nội thất frida kahla
With brilliant details highlighting Frida Kahla’s style (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Aloha style
    – The tropical design of the Hawaiian Islands will create attractive beauty and positive energy in your home.
phong cách thiết kế nội thất aloha
Aloha style combined with vintage brings a youthful but equally sophisticated look to the room (Photo source: Housedesign)
thiết kế nội thất 2020 aloha
Tropical inspiration brings your room to life (Image source: Housedesign)
  1. Terrazzo patterned furniture
    – The terrazzo material not only brings nostalgic beauty about the past, but it is also extremely suitable for modern design. Elegant colors, diverse designs and the ability to flexibly respond to many types of projects are the hallmarks of this material.
    In particular, the terrazzo pattern is suitable for any space because it brings a feeling of relaxation, classic but no less elegant and delicate.
trang trí nội thất theo xu hướng 2020
Vibrant and colorful Terrazzo pattern interior (Photo source: Housedesign)
bố trí nội thất theo xu hướng nội thất 2020
The way to combine the details of the Terrazzo pattern is extremely delicate and ingenious (Photo source: Housedesign)
  1. Design and use of versatile furniture
    – The pioneer of this trend is the Italian, also known as the master of the multi-purpose furniture trend.
    Nowadays, when the trend of choosing an apartment building is more popular, the trend of using multi-purpose furniture is more popular than ever because of its creativity, full interior decoration, and comfort in the space. small.
    There are some typical designs such as a bookshelf that turns into a dining table, a desk cum bed or a sofa into a bunk bed, … The great creativity with high aesthetics has met the expectations of very much. many people.
đồ nội thất theo xu hướng
Use versatile furniture to save space for the room (Photo source: Housedesign)
Use a sofa to make a very convenient sleeping chair (Photo source: Housedesign)
  1. Connecting living spaces
    – Currently, the trend of open design, connecting spaces together is very popular. Dividing the living space into different rooms but still connected together creates ventilation and comfort for the house.
    In addition, you can use trees, bookshelves or glass to form the perfect “partitions” for the house.
nội thất xu hướng thiết kế năm 2020
Expand space with smart design (Image source: Housedesign)
phong cách thiết kế nội thất ấn tượng 2020
Connecting spaces together to expand the area (Image source: Housedesign)

With 19 designs in 2021 interior trends provided by Housedesign will help you choose the desired interior design style. If you want more information, please contact Housedesign for prompt advice and support.

Source: Housedesign

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